Pixel Pitch:
Small Pitch LED Screen MORE

Small Pixel Pitch LED screen Q2.5 installed in Croatia

Product: Q2.5

Area: 50 sqm

Location: Croatia

Ultra HD Small Pixel Pitch LED screen

Product: U1.8

Area: 15sqm

Location: US

Ultra U1.5 HD Small Pixel Pitch LED screen

Product: U1.5

Area: 26sqm

Location: UK

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen MORE

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Roof Mounted

Product: OF16

Area: 162sqm

Location: Paraguay

Outdoor Dual-side Display Mounted on Pole

Product: OF16S

Area: 2pcsx 36.7sqm

Location: Finland

Minus 30 Degrees LED Display Double Sided

Product: OF10D

Area: 208sqm Double Sided

Location: Russia

Outdoor Curved Advertising Display

Product: OF16S

Area: 166 sqm

Location: Mexico

Indoor Fixed LED Screen MORE

Front Maintenance LED Screen in Plaza Hungary

Product: IF5

Area: 26sqm

Location: Hungary

Hungary Metro Front Service LED Screen

Product: IF3

Area: 14.93sqm

Location: Hungary

Voice of Greek in Athens TV Station

Product: IF4

Area: 20.97sqm

Location: Greece

Front Maintenance LED Screen in Cinema

Product: IF4

Area: 25.17sqm

Location: Ethiopia

Outdoor Rental LED Screen MORE

Outdoor Event Rental LED Screen

Product: OE4.8

Area: 16 sqm

Location: Mexico

Global Tour of Mayday with LEDFUL LED Screen

Product: V8, ID3.9, IE3.9

Area: 129.49sqm

Location: Worldwide

Outdoor Rental LED Screen for Jio Annual Party

Product: OE4.8 OD6.2

Area: 96sqm

Location: Indian

Outdoor Rental LED Screen for Event Miss Tourism

Product: OE6.2

Area: 24sqm

Location: Hongkong

Indoor Rental LED Screen MORE

Indoor Rental LED Screen in Arts Hall

Product: IE4.8

Area: 115.5sqm

Location: China

Global Tour of Mayday with LEDFUL Rental LED Screen

Product: ID4.8, IE4.8

Area: 129.49sqm

Location: Worldwide

Opening Conference

Product: ID3.9, IE3.9

Area: 24sqm

Location: Sri Lanka

LED Screen for Liu Lao Gen Stage

Product: Q3.9

Area: 36sqm

Location: China


Curved HD LED Screen

Product: HD2.5

Area: 23.04sqm

Location: Brazil

TV Studio of Hongkong Cable Television

Product: HD1.9

Area: 16.8sqm

Location: Hongkong

Conference HD LED Screen

Product: HD1.9

Area: 7.68sqm

Location: China

Cooperation Annual Evening Party in Hotel

Product: HD2.5

Area: 25.92sqm

Location: Singapore

Creative LED Screen MORE

LED Sphere

Product: 4.8mm

Area: diameter 1.8m

Location: UK

Creative LED for DJ Booth in Nightclub

Product: LED DJ Booth

Area: 3 pcs

Location: Depends

Creative DJ Booth LED Screen -- Irregular shaped LED Design


Area: 8.59sqm

Location: USA

Flexible LED for Creative Performance

Product: FLEX6.6

Area: 5.73sqm

Location: Spain

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