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Problems in Operating LED Outdoor Display Screen in Outdoor Media

Problems in Operating LED Outdoor Display Screen in Outdoor Media

Publish Time : Jan 01 2015

In addition to the power supply, other components that are more prone to failure are signal lines, control boards, systems and modules. In the LED display screen, there are about 500 to 800 signal pins per square meter on average, so its reliability is also very critical, which determines the quality of the display screen. Of course, there are also companies to avoid this problem will use high-specification driver chips, directly cancel the plug-in between modules, but the cost is higher. In the control board and system, this part can be said to be the core component.

If something goes wrong, it will cause a large area of failure of the display screen, so the stability of the control board and the system has a great impact on the normal use of the display screen. Because of the long-term operation of the LED display in the outdoor, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, dust and other factors may cause the control board and system failure. Some manufacturers also have related solutions, such as dual-line hot backup, but enterprises can also try other more reliable solutions to ensure the stable operation of the outdoor LED display. In terms of modules, many media companies pursue suitable working environments. Modules will behave differently in different operating environments. How to reduce its failure rate is also a question worthy of consideration by many manufacturers. In a word, the quality of outdoor LED display needs to be improved, which is very concerned by media companies.

Waterproof, heat dissipation and outdoor lightweight design are still the technical areas that need to be further broken through in the LED industry. The use environment of outdoor LED display determines that its waterproof and heat dissipation performance should be more reliable in order to ensure the long-term operation of outdoor LED media, and can not rely on the waterproof and heat dissipation design of steel structure. The installation methods of hanging, sitting or attaching to buildings require that the design of LED display should take into account the bearing requirements of buildings of different ages, and should be in accordance with the building environment or theme.

However, the current LED display industry is price-oriented, and the focus of market competition is on product prices, thus ignoring the importance of quality and after-sales service, causing many serious security problems, but also affecting the operating income of media companies.

"Three high" is the inevitable trend of the advertising display industry. With the development of science and technology, various new things are constantly updated, as well as the LED advertising industry. Especially in the interactive display screen and the application of new technologies. Because advertising operation is to catch the eye to attract more audiences, so as to meet the demand of advertising. However, due to the cost involved in the initial construction of the advertising display screen is quite expensive, and the display screen also has the standard of service life. Sangao still has a long way to go in its true realization.

In addition, the system used in the LED display industry also has differences, which also slows down the pace of implementation of the three high. It is suggested that the unified advertising standards of the LED industry should be speeded up to eliminate the backward technology and screen with a long service life, and accelerate the realization of the "three highs".

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