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LED Display Shining Dunhua City Sports Centre

LED Display Shining Dunhua City Sports Centre

Publish Time : Sep 15 2015

With the LED display lights up, the opening ceremony from the Dunhua City Sports Centre began January 12. It is reported that the sports centre as a livelihood project in 2010 and the main contruction finished on schedule. This sports centre is recently the largest and most functional public activity venues, convers an area of 2,800 square meters, contruction area of 7,800 squre meters, and with a total inverstment of more than RMB Twenty-six million.

While the Chinese spring festival approaching, the success of the sports centre screen lights up not only lustered Duhua stadium but also sent a new year gift to Duhau’s people.

This indoor P6 SMD screen with bright colors and beautiful apperance. Using energy-saving highlight chip. Design, production, construction and installatoin of the entire process by LEDFUL. It is the second public projects in Duhua after Bohai square outdoor led display be installed. This demonstrate LEDFUL quality and customer service system are great and clients speak highly of our screens. Below are project photos:

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