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Principle and Operation of LEDFUL Pixel Correction System

Principle and Operation of LEDFUL Pixel Correction System

Publish Time : Sep 18 2015

After updated last news "LEDFUL LED Screen with Pixel Correction Function", we received many questions. Here we share some principle and working steps by photos and diagrams in briefly.

Steps: a) Multi-pixels Brightness Measuring System to get data of brightness, color, datas etc. b) Calculate and Generation Datas. c) Load datas into system and correction.
Principle and Operation of LEDFUL Pixel Correction System

Besides, what need to be highly noticed is that considering the competition in led display manufacturers, many companies are trying to use different and cheap LED chip to save the cost to sell with a cheap price, then they made the correction to achieve a seemed good quality.

This is dangerous although the new made led screens seems good. But after it running for one years more, the good color will lose and then it's too difficult to make the pixel correction again. Therefore we recommend led screen distributors, users, etc keep this in your mind.

For more and updated information, please contact our sales engineers by email to sales@ledful.com, thank you.

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