2015-2024 LEDFUL
  • Bastian from Germany
    "Okay, Actually we received your LED display yesterday and tested, everything going very well as always. It will be sent to our clients next week and I believe in they will love it."
  • Rafal from Poland
    "You are doing a good job, our first LED display screen P10 on the shopping mall working last 6 years more and we only changed several modules and power suppliers with spare parts."
  • Fernando from Brazil
    "Oh, sorry, I was busy and just saw your emails. Yes, my technician told me your LED screen working perfect, and here suggested that you can improve our logo sticker and change the quick-lock color in next month for our P3.91 and P4.81 panels."
  • Ajay from Dubai
    "You considered more details for me, good, I need this, keep everything under control."
  • Daniel from Mexico
    "We have more events coming in next few months, and planed 60sqm more P3.91 500x500mm, need also 500x1000mm options, remember more bumpers and vertical cables for various installation as before."
  • Mohamed from Saudi Arabia
    "8pcs P6 LED display installed and we managed them separately, now we found it is difficult to control one by one, can we change the 4G system or make them together with one laptop?"
  • Franco from Italy
    "Yes, appreciate your reminding, it is very important for me, you always care my LED, I am happy made a wise choice 8 years before."
  • Alex from Kazakhstan
    "The LED Displays arrived in a timely manner and works as advertised. very easy installation. we look forward to working with you again in the future."
  • Augusto from United
    "We couldn't be happier with the result. the best customer service I have ever received. we are almost a team. thank you very much."
  • Ahmed from Egypt
    "Very quick shipping on the products and it was packaged well, the screen was really impressive to me."
2015-2024 LEDFUL
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