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Principle Analysis of Transparent Screen Displaying Scenes

Principle Analysis of Transparent Screen Displaying Scenes

Publish Time : Aug 21 2023

Transparent screen displays scenes, also known as transparent screens, transparent cabinets, transparent windows, transparent pavilions, transparent glass screen walls, etc., are new transparent splicing display technology and interactive products.

Currently, mature solutions and applications mainly include: interactive glass curtain walls, transparent windows for street shops, 32/43/55/65/82 inch transparent display cabinets, transparent splicing tables, various glass partitions, and new self-service retail combination cabinets.

Smart exhibition halls use digital technology combined with customized multimedia content to attract tourists in novel ways and achieve human-machine intelligent interactive exhibition hall forms, becoming an inevitable trend in development. However, many visitors only stay in the smart display room to see a new look, but it is difficult to understand the principles. As a leader in the intelligent exhibition hall, Cloud Intelligent Exhibition Hall, especially for everyone to analyze in-depth various projects of intelligent exhibition hall, promote knowledge of intelligent exhibition hall.

The interactive display system of transparent LED display screens allows the display of precious exhibits without affecting the original appearance of the screen. It can also play creative advertising content for carefully crafted precious exhibits and is a new way to break traditional creative displays, developing a more enjoyable human-machine interactive experience. The dissemination of information is displayed in a clearer and more intuitive way, improving the efficiency of brand promotion and the level of display, becoming a solid storage, with the power of installation and the strength of the enterprise!

Principles of transparent LED screens:

The function of transparent LED screens display scenes

  • Street windows and building exterior and interior glass curtain walls can realize the function and value of multimedia advertising through transparent LED screens without affecting their original functions.

  • The transparency of transparent LED screens is very high, which does not affect the appearance of buildings, and the transparency of the images is not affected by the reflection of light, with a strong visual impact.

  • Users can feel the interaction of transparent LED screen advertisements anytime and anywhere, solving the problem of low conversion rate of outdoor advertising forms.

  • Precious items such as jewelry, celebrity paintings, antiques, etc. can not only display their original appearance, but also avoid accidental damage.

Application scenarios of transparent LED screens

Product display, shop windows, brand displays, memorials, planning museums, museums, cultural centers, archive halls, science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, digital libraries, tourism exhibition halls, theme pavilions, historical museums of fire brigades, real estate exhibition halls, historical museums of schools, exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage historical culture, exhibition halls of earthquake bureaus, exhibition halls of meteorological bureaus, party building halls, intelligent medical exhibition halls, salt culture exhibition halls, intelligent city exhibition halls, mineral resources exhibition halls, digital automotive exhibition halls, digital city construction exhibition halls, digital airport exhibition halls, historical anti-war museums, experience halls, human development halls, citizen center exhibition halls, honesty education halls.

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