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The Difference Between Transparent LED Display and Conventional Display

The Difference Between Transparent LED Display and Conventional Display

Publish Time : Mar 09 2022

The city has many high-rise buildings. In urban lighting, the outdoor communication of high-rise buildings is not "one-way communication", which meets many requirements such as brightness, waterproof, and line of sight of LED transparent display screens. Therefore, the LED transparent screen can help the lighting of the city and solve the diversified communication effects of the building.

Transparent LED displays have been widely used in urban glass curtain wall landscape lighting, architectural art aesthetic enhancement and other fields. Many customers are not familiar with the term transparent LED display, so what are the differences between transparent LED display and conventional display?

Ⅰ. The transparency of the transparent LED display is high, which does not affect the indoor lighting, and the display is cool

As we all know, conventional display screens are opaque, which will affect the lighting of buildings. The LED transparent display screen adopts the self-developed front/side luminous display technology. The light bar is almost invisible to the naked eye from the front, which greatly improves the transparency rate, supports machine stickers, etc., thereby improving production efficiency.

Ⅱ. The lightweight design of the transparent LED display saves the cost of the steel structure

A conventional display is 42kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it is a great challenge to the screen steel structure and the original building structure. The transparent LED display can be installed vertically and independently without the need for glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the steel structure of the curtain wall, and its extremely light weight of 8.6kg/㎡ requires little load on the steel structure.

Ⅲ. The strip light bar of the transparent LED display can be specially designed

The traditional display screen will be limited by its box structure when it is made into special-shaped products. Shaped stitching has some defects and seams will appear. The special-shaped LED transparent screen can be perfectly customized and spliced, and the curved surface transition is natural and beautiful. The product screen can be set to various special shapes such as cylinder, frustum, triangle, arc.

Ⅳ. The transparent LED display is suitable for outdoor screen applications, indoor installation and outdoor viewing

Traditional displays are installed indoors to block sunlight and sight lines. LED transparent screens are designed for indoor and outdoor screen applications, which can be installed indoors or viewed outdoors. It is waterproof and UV resistant. Do not worry. Product performance is very stable.

Ⅴ. The transparent LED display is perfectly matched with the glass curtain wall, and the installation is concealed without affecting the architectural shape

The construction of conventional screens requires a large steel frame structure, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and has a certain impact on the architectural shape and aesthetics. In the process of installation and use, the transparent LED display can be easily and perfectly combined with the wall with only a small amount of construction, without damaging the wall, and can also improve the overall appearance.

Ⅵ. The transparent LED display is easy to maintain, and can support hot swapping and light bar maintenance

Most of the problems with conventional screens are post-maintenance handling or the entire module or box being disassembled for maintenance. However, when maintaining the transparent LED display, only one light bar needs to be replaced, the operation is simple and fast, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

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