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What Should Be Noted When Buying Transparent LED Display Screen?

What Should Be Noted When Buying Transparent LED Display Screen?

Publish Time : Aug 11 2023

Purchasing a transparent LED display screen is a major construction project, so it is important for many project merchants to choose excellent quality LED transparent screens. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a transparent LED display screen?

The dot pitch and screen resolution of the transparent LED display screen are closely related, and the product selection should pay attention to the usage site

In today's small pitch LED sales market, permeability, dot pitch, large size, and screen resolution are the key links in the competition of transparent LED display screen manufacturers.

These factors will also affect each other during operation, and special dot pitch must be matched with an appropriate full transparent display screen size to achieve the best display performance.

Choosing the brightness of the transparent LED display screen

Indoor display screens include: performance stages, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc. Room lighting is dim, and the brightness of the LED transparent display screen should be controlled between 800-1500nits. It is recommended not to exceed this brightness range. If it is too bright, it will look dazzling, harm the actual viewing effect and continue to consume electricity.

Semi-outdoor display information includes: shopping malls, business department channels, etc. The natural environment of lighting fixtures in semi-outdoor environments is better than that of lighting fixtures in rooms, and brightness should be controlled between 2000-3500nits to ensure that the transparent screen displays all normal display information.

If the transparent LED display screen faces the sun, then choose the appropriate brightness range according to the condition of the sun. Generally speaking, outdoor LED transparent display screens must have a brightness between 3000CD-60000nits.

Maintenance costs must be considered for large and medium-sized transparent LED display screens

In practical applications, when choosing large-sized products, not only the expensive product costs but also the maintenance costs must be considered.

Although the basic theoretical service life of LED chips can reach 100,000 hours, the high-density LED transparent display screens used in rooms are designed to be lightweight and thin. Although transparent display screens do not require cooling and heating equipment such as fans and central air conditioning, the use of large-sized products will cause heat dissipation difficulties, and the probability of certain common failures will be high. During operation, the larger the display screen size, the more complex the maintenance, and the higher the maintenance cost. Therefore, for large-sized products, customers must choose them according to business needs.

The composition of the data signal transmission equipment of the transparent LED display screen cannot be ignored

The compatibility mode of the data signal of the LED transparent display screen is critical. If the data signal browsing requires a variety of specifications, a large number, and a dispersed location, it will generally include H.264, 720P, 4k, and other file formats of video streams. When purchasing products, do not focus solely on the product. The screen resolution must consider whether the current data signal equipment is applicable to the relative video stream.

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