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Automobile Exhibition is a Big Part of the LED Transparent Screen Rental Industry Market!

Automobile Exhibition is a Big Part of the LED Transparent Screen Rental Industry Market!

Publish Time : Jan 18 2023

The car exhibition is a major part of the LED transparent glass screen rental industry, belonging to high-end applications. With LED screens as the background, scene close-ups, exciting images, and background construction, combined with scene music, it brings a truly magnificent visual feast for the audience. We need to know that transparent LED display screens should have the following three conditions:

High contrast of transparent LED display screen

Due to the short viewing distance, long observation time, and low brightness, the color and uniformity of the screen surface are very important. However, due to the dot matrix formation of the transparent orientation display, the color of the orientation light and welding defects will affect the visual effect. This inherent defect can be solved by using black lights and black masks.

Modeling ability of transparent LED display screen

LED transparent glass screens bring a broader perspective and a relatively large display area; the main screen and the screen and the transparent screen are integrated with the expansion design, which requires LED transparent screen manufacturers to have modeling capabilities.

Currently, 15 arcs, circles, displacement, and other creative mixed installation LED transparent glass screens can be realized. It emphasizes multi-screen and multi-mode while reducing the inventory pressure of the lessors.

High freedom of transparent LED display screen

Facing media cameras and cameras, if the theme car is handsome, but due to the fact that the LED transparent glass screen refresh rate, brightness, and gray index do not meet the standards in the booth, the photos taken will have water or cloud patterns, which will have a negative impact on the brand. Therefore, high-end car brands choose leading transparent screen refresh rates of more than 2000hz.

At the same time, the videos played by cars also have their particularity. In order to reflect the good performance of cars, car brands often appear some mountain waterways, such as monochrome lenses, and sometimes there are rapid lens switches, which require transparent screen to have high color reduction effects and display images without delay.

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2015-2023 LEDFUL
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