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Safety Notes for Installing Transparent LED Display

Safety Notes for Installing Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Dec 14 2021

There are frequent accidents of the transparent display screen in recent years, the safety of screen installation and use has aroused social attention again. The fixed structure of the transparent LED display is simpler and easier than that of the outdoor transparent LED display. However, the safety cannot be ignored. It is necessary to consider the safety of installation for any screen. Therefore, what can be done to ensure safety during construction? The following points should be noted during installation and use:

1. Robustness, stability and load-bearing requirements of the transparent LED display

(1) Compared with an outdoor full-color screen, the transparent LED display has a great advantage in weight because it is about 12KG per square meter. However, the whole screen is still very heavy if it is big, so the load-bearing structure of the installation position must be firm.

(2) The connection between the installation surface of the transparent LED display and the installation frame and the equipment should be firm, stable and reliable to ensure that the installed equipment will not slide, tilt or fall.

2. Anti-rust measures and service life of the transparent LED display

(1) The metal components must be welded or connected firmly. It is necessary to conduct rust-proof treatment, and the materials must have sufficient rust resistance.

(2) The service life of structural equipment should not be less than the safe service life of the transparent display screen. After installation, inspection and necessary maintenance should be carried out according to the usage.

3. Power requirements for the transparent LED display

(1) The power supply equipment should have a qualified power supply consistent with the label of the equipment to be installed. The power supply should have sufficient capacity with reliable grounding to ensure easy installation.

(2) The capacity should be greater than 1.5 times the current value of the equipment. Although the transparent LED display is an energy-saving product and can save more than 30% of energy than the traditional outdoor LED transparent screen during normal playback, the peak power of the screen at the white balance is still large.

(3) Grounding wire and fixed dedicated socket should be used when installing power socket for users. Also, it should be close to the place where the power plug can reach. The structure of the socket should match the power plug of the equipment and meet the requirements of GB1002.

4. Seismic reinforcement and lightning protection of the transparent LED display

(1) In areas that require anti-vibration, equipment installation should be reinforced according to the design requirements of the construction drawings.

(2) Lightning protection devices should be installed on equipment and buildings. The terminal body and the shell should be well-grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 3 ohms, which can timely release the large current caused by lightning.

5. Ventilation, heat dissipation and waterproof protection of the transparent LED display

(1) Ventilation equipment should be installed to lower the internal temperature of the screen between -10°C and 40°C. Also, try to leave vents behind the screen so that part of the heat generated by the transparent screen can be quickly dissipated.

(2) The equipment and the combination of the equipment and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof. Also, the equipment should have good drainage measures so that accumulated water can be discharged smoothly.

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