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Basic Principles of Interactive Communication and LED Transparent Screen Technology

Basic Principles of Interactive Communication and LED Transparent Screen Technology

Publish Time : Aug 06 2023

LED interactive transparent screen enhances interactive communication functions based on a basic transparent LED display screen, and is an evolved product. The inspiration for the design of this screen comes from the full transparent LED screen used on the stage in the past. For example, the LED transparent screen that applies force sensing "laminated glass fracture" animation special effect on the high-altitude glass bridge is one of the symbolic applications. In fact, there are many issues that need to be further understood.

The technical basic principles of interactive transparent LED display screen

The appearance design of the LED interactive transparent screen is similar to the basic transparent display screen, but the difference lies in the IC integration of the sensing system inside the LED. These ICs are evenly distributed on the entire screen according to the average standard of rows and columns. The basic principle is to use the infrared radar inside the screen to detect the sensing IC and collect the data signal when the object passes through the screen, and send it back to the control center of the LED transparent display screen. The LED interactive transparent screen will display the moving trajectory and effect of the object according to the returned data signal. The key effect still depends on the early design plan and the color level and animation special effect of the material picture itself.

The advantages of interactive transparent LED display screen

The traditional full transparent LED display screen can only use "one-way propagation" to convey information to the audience. This method is not only "passive", but also gradually lacks novelty and creativity.

The LED interactive transparent screen can achieve human-machine interaction, presenting more vivid and intelligent information display effects to the audience, greatly enhancing the audience's curiosity and feeling. In addition, the screen can more easily grasp the psychological needs of customers, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

The information display of the interactive LED transparent display screen is not limited to a single interface or content, and the audience can control it through wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. At the scene or on the stage, the screen can real-time sense the character's movements through the built-in infrared radar sensing device and display the interactive communication effect with the audience on the screen. This kind of human-machine interaction makes the LED transparent screen not only in the aspect of art and creative information display, but also like a mobile game, creating a different feeling.

A tempting creative advertising usually makes people stop and watch, and leaves a deep impression. Therefore, in large and medium-sized shopping malls, in the busy pedestrian flow, the interactive LED transparent screen can play video promotion planning or achieve interactive communication with characters. People are more likely to stop and watch the novel visual effects, and the effect is obvious.

The emergence of interactive technology makes the use of LED transparent display screens more diversified. The current interactive technology of LED transparent screens is only the tip of the iceberg. It is believed that there will be a lot of better interactive technologies in the future.

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