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Factors That Affect The Advertising LED Screen Price

Factors That Affect The Advertising LED Screen Price

Publish Time : Jun 14 2018

1.The Specifications Affect The Advertising LED Screen Price

LED screen can be divided into outdoor, indoor, monochrome, double color, and full color. Because the density of points is different, the price of each LED screen is also different.

2.The Raw Materials Affect The Advertising LED Screen Price

China's LED screen rely more on foreign raw materials and core technologies. The quality of LED chips is also quite different. The quality of LED screen beads is also a very important factor for price.

Each kind of luminous chip is not perfect, it have its advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips have been holding the focus technology for a long time. In similar situations, the prices of chips in America and Japan have been floating. There are also some related factories in Taiwan and China Mainland, but there must be some differences about the performance of these chips when compared to that of America and Japan.

If the LED screen is applied in a very important place and the customer's budget is sufficient, it will be suggested that the imported chip is a better choice; even the price is higher, the imported chip is still a better choice. The driving IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and life of the LED. Besides, the quality of the power supply and the box and accessories of the LED screen also affect the price.

3. The Enterprise Production Costs Affect The Advertising LED Screen Price

The cost of production is different in every enterprise. Each LED screen costs include the cost of production, employee salary, logistics cost and so on, except the cost of raw materials.

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