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Three Details of Choosing Led Display Vendors Correctly

Three Details of Choosing Led Display Vendors Correctly

Publish Time : Jun 17 2020

In recent years, with the development of LED display vendors, the demand of LED display screen has been increasing gradually. Customers often need to buy a large number of LED display screen products. However, with the growth of LED display demand, a large number of LED display manufacturers have emerged, with different sizes of manufacturers varying from good to bad. In this way, consumers are worried about the quality of products. How to choose LED display manufacturers has become a headache for consumers. Here are three aspects that we should pay attention to when we buy the display.

1. LED lamp

For LED display vendors, LED lamp can be said to be the most important part of the whole display equipment, and its cost can generally account for half or even 70% of the cost. Therefore, when the construction company lists the scheme list to the customer, the configuration of the display equipment and so on will be written. This generally includes the brand, size and related products of the pipe core. For the pipe core in the market today, although the function may not be much worse, the prices of different brands are very different. Therefore, when you understand the solution, you don't need to look at the configuration. We also need to think about the brand characteristics.

2. LED display vendors steel structure

For the display structure, its proportion in the whole cost is basically the same as the driving mode. But in the equipment configuration, there are also plenty of knowledge. For example, in the choice of structure, there are many differences between modular splicing or lamp plate directly fixed on the box plate. If it's modular, it's more convenient to disassemble, so it's more convenient to maintain. If the box board is fixed directly, it's obvious to improve the maintenance difficulty of the equipment.

3. After Sales Service

As for the after-sales service of LED display vendors equipment, it is often the point that we are most likely to ignore. In fact, due to the trouble of LED disassembly and high technical content, it is obviously more important than ordinary electrical equipment in the after-sales link.

Therefore, when buying LED display screen, we should not only compare the scale, brand and reputation of the manufacturer, but also pay special attention to after-sales service, so as to avoid many unnecessary troubles in the subsequent use and maintenance of the product.

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