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What Are the Benefits and Applications of Glass LED Transparent Screens and Their Design Effects and Functions?

What Are the Benefits and Applications of Glass LED Transparent Screens and Their Design Effects and Functions?

Publish Time : May 11 2023

Advantages of transparent LED glass screen for curtain wall:

  • High transparency effect: transparent LED glass screens have different spacing between points that allows for a light transmittance ranging from 50% to 90%, allowing for the laminated glass to retain its light perspective effect. The LED lights are almost invisible from a distance, which ensures that the curtain wall glass is not jeopardized.

  • Small indoor space occupation and light weight: The mainboard interface of the LED transparent screen is only 10mm thick, and after installation, it does not occupy any indoor space and does not interfere with other equipment or structures around the curtain wall glass. The net weight of the transparent LED glass screen is only 14kg/㎡, and after installation, there is very little change in the load-bearing of the curtain wall glass.

  • Simple steel frame structure saves a lot of installation costs: The product is lightweight and easy to install without complicated support point steel frame structure, which can save a lot of installation costs.

  • Convenient and easy to maintain: It is both convenient and safe for maintenance inside the room, saving investment costs.

  • Cost saving for building lighting engineering: If the LED glass curtain wall display screen (transparent display screen) is installed, a large part of the wall will not need lighting fixtures, and the LED display screen has economic benefits as well as cost savings.

  • Environmental protection: It consumes less power and has an average power output of less than 280W/㎡, eliminating the need for a traditional cooling unit and central air conditioning heat pipe heat dissipation system.

  • Easy to use and highly predictable: It can be connected to a computer via a network cable, an independent graphics card, or a remote control transmitter and receiver. It can also be controlled remotely via a remote control group and wireless network, and the display information content can be changed anytime and anywhere.

Application areas for full transparent LED glass screen:

Stage and dance design:

The transparent LED screen can be constructed diversely according to the stage style. Using its translucent and light features, it creates a strong perspectival effect that elongates the focal length of the entire interface. It also does not obstruct the lighting design, making the indoor space hang and fully utilized while providing 3D-rendered atmosphere and cool atmosphere to the stage.

Shopping malls:

The contemporary beauty of the LED transparent display screen merges well with the natural environment of large shopping malls, glass partitions, and other places with good market prospects.

Chain franchise stores:

The personalized brand image of the store can attract customers and increase traffic. With ingenious design techniques, the full transparent LED glass screen screen replaces the traditional store wall LED display screen, enriching the vivid and colorful ad video, making the store cool and eye-catching.

Science and technology exhibition halls:

Science and technology exhibition halls are key scenarios for disseminating scientific knowledge, and LED transparent displays can be customized and developed as new technology demonstrations, allowing people to understand the wonders and mysteries of high-tech through LED transparent screens.

Laminated glass window displays:

With the rapid expansion of the vertical mixed touch machine manufacturing industry for retail purposes, LED transparent screens have brought disruptive changes to the advertising models for decoration design, indoor decoration, and other industries in the outer facade, laminated glass window displays, etc., and have increasingly gained popularity.

Application scenarios for full transparent LED glass screen:

  • Metal curtain wall: transparent LED glass screens are usually installed on the main keel of the laminated glass, integrating with the curtain wall glass, which maintains excellent advertising effects.

  • Indoor space design: LED transparent screens can be customized with different shapes and designs to meet the requirements of different indoor spaces, exceeding the actual effects of indoor spaces.

  • Exhibition design: Full transparent LED glass screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, new product launches, etc., to promote products multi-dimensionally.

  • Window display: The fully transparent LCD advertising machine suspended on the window display has excellent commercial service and promotional effects.

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