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Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

We LEDFUL have two control system, one is synchronous control system, another one is asynchronous control system.

The biggest difference between those two kinds of control system is as below.

Synchronous control system usually needs to be used with a PC, it can play live programs, the contents you played on your PC with be displayed on the LED screen synchronously.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

Asynchronous control system can be thought of as a small computer, you can store the programs you want to play into an asynchronous control box, then it sends the content to the screen.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

Let me introduce LEDFUL asynchronous control system in this article. Nova TB2, TB3, TB6, TB8 are asynchronous controller boxes which we usually use. Next, let me introduce TB3 asynchronous controller box for an example.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

TB3 has four connection ways as below.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

1st Cloud control
Why we can cloud control the LED screen when you are far away from the screen even in your office or in another city? Because we can let the TB3 connect to Internet, so that we can find and control it online on cloud control platform.

And TB3 has three ways to connect to Internet.
1) Wifi-cloud
TB3 has two wifi antennas, one is for network wifi connection, you can let it connect to a wifi of local place.

2) 4G mode
We can attach a 4G mode on TB3 controller box, then you just need to use a SIM card to let TB3 surf on the Internet like your phone.

3) LAN cable connection
TB3 has one network input port, connect it with a LAN cable so that you can let TB3 connect to Internet, too.

After you have let the TB3 connected to Internet, you can cloud control it.
Open LEDFUL – Cloud page, login in your account, manage TB3 boxes and control your screens.

Cloud control platform operation like the video shows as below.

2nd Wifi Remote Control
TB3 has two wifi antennas, another one is for wifi connection, you can use your phone/ Ipad/ laptop to connect this wifi and then control it by app/ software.
APP — Viplex Handy — Phone / Ipad
Software — Viplex Express — Laptop

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

3rd Network Cable Control
TB3 has one network input port, you can connect your laptop or PC to it by network cable, then you can control the TB3 through software.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

4st USB Control
You can use an U-Disk to store the contents you want to play on LED screen, then plug it on TB3 USB port, then you can use Viplex Express software to play the contents.

Cloud Cluster 4G WiFi USB APP Control

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2015-2023 LEDFUL
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