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The Transparent LED Screen Has Successfully Occupied Our Daily Life

The Transparent LED Screen Has Successfully Occupied Our Daily Life

Publish Time : Sep 22 2021

In the past, transparent LED screens were usually used for product promotion, store decoration, popularization of knowledge, release of various major festival celebration words or navigation instructions for road traffic, etc.

1. The commercial value of transparent LED display

With the improvement of cultural level, the public has higher requirements for the appearance of LED screens. Coupled with the continuous optimization and upgrading of technology by LED companies, the function of the transparent LED display has changed.

Nowadays, the transparent LED display is no longer just a carrier of cultural information dissemination, it has also become a "artwork" that beautifies life. For example, through a series of complex production processes such as display materials, control software, and video production, the LED display can show the sense of integration, soft texture and layering emphasized by oil paintings. Coupled with the design and improvement of the frame material, it can achieve a certain artistic decoration effect. And because of its Internet gene, it can easily move the world's "famous paintings" home.

It can be seen that the commercial value of transparent LED displays is gradually shifting to the field of culture and art, especially creative LED displays with novel and unique appearance that can attract people's attention. This is the best carrier to reflect the artistic value of LED displays.

2. Process and technology of transparent LED display

On the one hand, creative LED screens have complex technology and limited use places. This makes it impossible to scale production, creating its scarcity and uniqueness;

On the other hand, due to the uniqueness of creative transparent LED display technology, not only avoid unnecessary homogenization competition, but as a work of art, the price will not become the deciding factor for consumers to choose it. The profit margin of this product is also greatly improved.

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