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Advantages and Technical Highlights of LED Transparent Display Screen

Advantages and Technical Highlights of LED Transparent Display Screen

Publish Time : May 02 2022

Ⅰ. The technical development of transparent LED display

With the rapid development of today's LED display technology, various new display technologies emerge in an endless stream, and transparent LED display as an artistic creative display technology is one of them. LED transparent displays have received more and more attention from various industries because of their high light transmittance and distinctiveness.

In this period of intense competition in the future display technology market, transparent display technology is also more critical. As a popular display at this stage, LED transparent display can show the actual effect of cool and colorful images, make the product image colorful, and produce excellent visual effect for customers. More importantly, the energy consumption of LED transparent display is only four tenths of the basic LED display.

Ⅱ. The development of transparent display in the sales market

More and more people understand the necessity of LED transparent screen in the sales market, and its display information diversified products are slowly emerging, such as LED transparent screen, LED transparent screen, LED glass screen, OLED display and so on. The release of this display information product promotes the technicality of the product and advertising promotion to be more eye-catching, giving people a sense of everyday life in the world of the future.

From a certain level, as far as transparent LED displays are concerned, since 2017, transparent LED displays have achieved greater technical improvements than before, and have successfully established new LED displays.

As we all know, because the transparent LED display has the characteristics of fashion, beauty and atmosphere, the use of transparent LED display is becoming more and more fashionable in the display screen sales market. Since the beginning of last year, some large and medium-sized transparent screen manufacturers have not only established many new projects of large and medium-sized display cabinets, but also independently innovated again in transparent screen products.

The application of LED transparent display is not only effective in storefront exhibitions, but also in the display of the overall strength of the company and the publicity planning of well-known brands.

With the current development trend of modern society, stage art urgently needs to upgrade the traditional performance stage style and move towards a larger living environment, that is, large and medium-sized performance activities. Large and medium-sized performances, especially when new technological elements must be fully presented, once the level of plastic arts is involved, it may greatly change the audience's basic appreciation habits, expand the display of arts and crafts in the interior space, and adjust everyone's aesthetics. The emergence of LED transparent display is closely in line with the requirements of current stage design to complete virtual visual effects in indoor space.

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