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The Important Role of LED Display in Security Monitoring Center

The Important Role of LED Display in Security Monitoring Center

Publish Time : Aug 19 2020

In the security monitoring center, the dispatching center is its main core, and the LED display screen is the leading link of the human-computer interaction of the whole dispatching system. The scheduling adjustment of personnel and the decision-making of the plan need to be completed in this link. In the whole work operation process, it has a leading position. LED display system is mainly used for data sharing, human-computer interactive decision-making, information data real-time monitoring, video conference, etc. Here is an introduction to the main role of LED display in the monitoring command center.

1. Real time monitoring, 24-hour continuous supervision

LED display system needs 640x960 hours of continuous work, which requires its high quality. In the process of monitoring and display, even one second of time can not be missed, because any emergency can happen at any time. The control program of scheduling system to all kinds of data is the focus of the whole scheduling work to ensure the timeliness and control power of scheduling work.

2. Assist decision-making and collect information for HD display system

The LED display needs to display all kinds of information collected and sorted out by the system and the analysis and calculation results of various models in the most concise and intuitive form or display some monitoring pictures according to the needs of decision makers, which also requires the LED display screen to have high-definition display effect. With the development of technology, the LED display with small spacing has been widely used, and there is no pressure on the high-definition display. In this way, the decision-makers can quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze and judge the advantages and disadvantages of various scheduling schemes, and assist them to make better decisions.

3. Conference system, video conference auxiliary dispatching and command

The establishment of LED display video conference system aims to achieve intuitive and efficient scheduling and command work, avoid the defect that the image free mode of conference call is not intuitive enough, and can vividly show various decisions and plans. It can also deal with emergencies more timely and effectively.

In China, LED display is applied in various fields, which is not the same as what we know on the surface. It seems that led display screen can only be used for advertising. In the information technology era, LED display screen will infiltrate into various fields that need it, not only bringing color to people's lives, but also bringing safety to people's lives.

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