2015-2023 LEDFUL
Exclusive LED Display Supplier for 2023 WTT Grand Event

Exclusive LED Display Supplier for 2023 WTT Grand Event

Publish Time : Jul 24 2023

LEDFUL China LED display with V series, H series, and customized stacking system, total 500sqm for 2023 WTT main stage, scoreboard, perimeter, etc installations. 

LEDFUL won this job against 20 competitors with high quality, perfect solution, rich experience, excellent service and reasonable price on LED screens.

As a leading LED display company, we supplied turnkey solution with LED displays, stacking system structure, hanging bar, base bar, etc to make clients installation team easier and quicker.

Uniqe perfect standing solution design make perimeter screen stable, safe, and best view angle.

LEDFUL engineer team & after-sales team standby 24 hours to support and remote control all screens hardware installation and software configure, debugging, test and finally assisted client got approval.

User friendly design, best performance on flatness and seamless, light and thin, LEDFUL rental LED display series are chose by many big brands and organizations such as World Cup, 3rd of TOP500 NTT in Japan, LOL Euro Final, UEFA Champions Final in Kiev, Africa Cup in Nigeria, Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Benz, Apple, etc

Client and WTT organization both spoke highly of LEDFUL when they checked all screens performance and quality. We concentrate on LED display more than 15 years (core team)

The photo showed WTT staff inspected every details finally before match.

LEDFUL, trustful supplier, cooperate with clients making the world colorful.

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2015-2023 LEDFUL
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