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What Are the Commercial Prospects for the Transparent Display Screen?

What Are the Commercial Prospects for the Transparent Display Screen?

Publish Time : Aug 23 2021

In science fiction movies, we often see transparent screens. In fact, the current display industry has been able to achieve this effect. So, what is the prospect and role of transparent display in the commercial field?

1. What are the functions of a transparent display screen?

The current transparent screen in the consumer field has great uncertainty, and its key lies in the enterprise application market. This is because although it can be implemented in a transparent LED display, the cost is high and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify it.

Second, it is difficult to make it clear that transparent display can improve application experience for ordinary users. We can imagine that a laptop or TV screen becomes transparent, which seems to have no real purpose except for occasional surprises.

The sales of watches and bracelets have very high requirements on the display effect of the products, especially some luxury brands, which have stricter requirements on the image of retail stores. In this case, the use of a transparent LED display is very suitable. When the user looks at the jewelry, he can also see the corresponding information on the screen. In this way, we can understand the product more clearly. These luxury brands attach great importance to their brand value and promotion story. If users can receive this information when purchasing products, natural brands also want to see the results. Besides that, the outdoor led screen installation can act as an advertising board.

If the website does not have a style that users like, users can also use virtual images to try their favorite products. The brand side can input all the pictures of the product into the system, so that consumers can even see the image display of each product in the retail store.

2. The prospects of the transparent display screen in the commercial field

In addition to selling jewelry and watches, transparent LED displays are also very suitable for vending machines. For vending machines, it is very useful for buyers to display advertised product information or some information about the product. Vending machines can sell more products in the future. There are many vending machines in developed countries. In this industry, the prospect of transparent display is very broad.

Using a transparent display screen, you can also make large-scale interactive games. Although this product may not be suitable for individual users, transparent displays have unique meanings for manufacturers such as museums, amusement parks, and bars. At present, many transparent display products support double-sided operation. Using this principle, two people can stand on the other side of the screen and communicate with each other. In this way, the decoration of these places can choose a transparent screen to improve the effect.

For families, the advantages of transparent displays are also obvious. Such screens can be placed in the kitchen, living room, study room, with a unique combination of APP, can display scenery, information, weather information and other information and communication software. For example, compared to the past, the transparent display is naturally better, and the information display is more flexible. It is also very good to use it to enhance the effect of home improvement.

At present, the future of transparent display screens on personal devices is still unclear, and transparent display screens will dominate the business.

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