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Four Application Scenarios of LED Transparent Display Screen

Four Application Scenarios of LED Transparent Display Screen

Publish Time : Aug 01 2022

Compared with the traditional LED screen, the installation of transparent LED display has many advantages. First, it can switch the advertising content more intelligently, and can replace the advertising content with a remote mobile phone. Secondly, the LED screen splicing installation is safer and more convenient. Today, we will introduce the four installation scenarios of transparent LED display, and create your own advertising position.

The installation scene led has four main transparent screens: shop window, mall atrium, glass curtain wall, stage scene.

1. LED transparent display screen in shop window

The transparent LED display installed on the glass window can see the panoramic environment of the store at a glance, and the store equipped with the transparent LED display is not only more attractive, but also more fashionable and high-tech.

In addition, the door and side walls are installed in the store. The transparent LED display has a precedent, and the customer experience is also good. In large shopping malls, in addition to the transparent LED screen on the sky, the transparent LED display is the front of the door, which is particularly cool.

2. The shopping mall transparent LED display

Nowadays, many large shopping malls have large indoor spaces. In addition to lighting, LED transparent displays can upgrade the entire interior style by N grades. I believe that many girls who like to shop have seen the huge atrium effect of LED transparent displays.

3. Glass window of transparent LED display

The fledgling big city, seeing the effect of the transparent LED display on the large glass curtain wall outside the car window, I feel that I want to settle down in a big city, and have more beautiful visions for the future. The application of transparent LED display on the glass curtain wall, many There are many cases in large and mid-tier cities, you can pay attention to them.

4. The transparent LED display on the stage

Bandstands, variety show stands, hotel banquet stands, wedding banquet stands, large conference stands, sports competition stands, off-stage, etc. I believe many of my friends have seen transparent LED displays, and many stage effects are spliced into transparent LED displays. on the screen.

The future of advertising must be smart, not advertising, how to say this? It is an easy state to accept, and the content of such advertisements is also easier to persuade passersby. You can find LEDFUL for customized transparent LED display screens, smart transparent screen production + R&D, customization, worth a try!

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