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The Main Characteristics and Problems of Transparent LED Display

The Main Characteristics and Problems of Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Sep 08 2021

Ⅰ. The main characteristics of the transparent LED display

1. The permeability of the transparent LED display

The transparent LED display screen can reach 60%~90%, light and wind, and does not affect the original lighting and sight lines of the building, especially the design beauty of the building appearance.

2. The texture of the transparent LED display is light and thin

Transparent LED displays are often used in conjunction with glass curtain walls and glass showcases without adding any additional structures. It is directly attached to the original structure for installation, which is safer and reduces costs.

3. The transparent LED display is easy to customize

The transparent LED display greatly reduces the cost of customers. Most of the transparent display screens are used in glass curtain walls and showcases, and the installation environment is very complicated, and the products basically need to be customized to match the structure of the building curtain wall. The conventional transparent LED display screens are basically standardized products, and the cost of customization is extremely high and difficult.

4. Indoor installation and outdoor viewing of transparent LED display

The transparent LED display is safer and easier to maintain. It can reduce the customer's approval process for some special projects or special areas. It can even omit the approval process, reducing project implementation time and cost.

5. The design of transparent LED display is stylish and beautiful

The transparent LED display is very modern and technological, especially suitable for the field of "media architecture". Its development caters to an emerging market demand and successfully created a new outdoor media communication method. What's more, transparent LED displays can be used as large LED advertising screens.

Ⅱ. The problems faced by the transparent LED display

1. The development of the transparent display market is not yet mature, and the market acceptance of transparent screens needs to be improved. Customers' understanding of LED displays is still based on the original large LED screens and glass screens. The transparent screen market is also being affected by the traditional market. The impact.

2. There are many customized transparent LED display products in the market, small quantity, high cost, and mass production is difficult.

With the increasing number of glass curtain wall designs in recent years, the demand for personalized design is also increasing. The restrictions of conventional outdoor advertising screens continue to increase, and the standardized characteristics of products will not be able to meet the diversified needs of the market. The characteristics of the transparent LED display will fill the deficiencies of the conventional display, and even replace the conventional outdoor advertising screen in the curtain wall design industry.

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