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How is LED Transparent Screen Different from Traditional Screen?

How is LED Transparent Screen Different from Traditional Screen?

Publish Time : Jun 01 2022

With the continuous development of the market economy, transparent LED screens have been widely used in landscape lighting and architectural art improvement in urban glass curtain walls. Many customers are not familiar with transparent screens, so what is the difference between LED transparent screens and our traditional ordinary screens?

1. How to install a transparent LED display?

In different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of LED transparent screens include hoisting, fixing, and barrier installation. These hoistings are commonly used in the fields of stage choreography, exhibition halls, etc., and fixed hoistings are commonly used in curtain walls and other fields.

The suspension lifting screen is installed by hooks and hanging beams, and the transparent LED display boxes are connected by quick locks or connecting pieces; it is suitable for stages, showcases and other places; the point-supported installation screen is fixed on the glass curtain wall by a combination hoop On the keel; suitable for building glass curtain wall places; frame type installation uses composite bolts to directly fix the frame of the screen on the glass curtain wall keel, without any steel structure; fixed base transparent screen box is fixed on the Japanese frame through the connecting piece superior.

2. Is the transparent LED screen completely transparent?

What is the transmittance and transmittance of light? But the LED transparent screen has nothing to do with this.

First, the cyan color of the transparent LED display is blue, which belongs to the transparent LED display, so it is not suitable for viewing within 1 meter. Second, the transparency of the LED transparent screen is achieved in the form of "hollowing out", which cannot achieve the transparent effect of holographic or liquid crystal display.

According to the sticker light process, the transparency of mainstream transparent screens all come from the transparency of the physical layer. The transmittance usually only calculates the main part of the light bar and the light board, that is, the shading part of the power box, and the shading part of the frame of the power box, PC board or glass (single or even double layer).

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