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What Is Transparent LED Display Screen?

What Is Transparent LED Display Screen?

Publish Time : Feb 09 2023

What is a transparent LED display screen?

The industry has many products, including glass screens, strip screens, grid screens, curtain cloth screens, grid graphics, bar screens, etc., which have just begun to be named. The transparent LED display screen, to put it simply, has "transparency" as its major feature. The objective characteristics of traditional screens, such as being non-transparent and non-ventilated, have led to many difficulties such as the screen being too heavy, poor heat dissipation, complicated structure, high power consumption, and rigid design, which in turn has led to the emergence of "transparent LED screens".

In summary, it can be seen that the major characteristics of the transparent LED display screen are: high light transmittance, excellent professional skill effect, excellent heat dissipation effect, and light weight, making it very easy to maintain.

The market development of transparent LED display screens

Currently, the transparent glass LED screen is the most popular in the market, which not only has the above-mentioned characteristics but also is particularly prominent in terms of light transmittance. The LED transparent display can be perfectly attached to the glass and hung on the glass main keel, making it its best partner.

When the screen is not lit up, it hardly affects the overall design and transparent lighting of the engineering construction; when lit up, the glass becomes an LED screen, which can display pictures, text, and videos, with colorful colors, real interfaces, and built-in light 3D display effects. The ultimate fusion of new technology and performance has made the LED transparent display screen very popular.

An indoor advertising LED screen can be a standalone product design element when no glass is present. The high brightness and dazzling colors create a new visual experience that can turn customers' exhibition halls, malls, and supermarkets into leaders in the industry driving fashion trends and high-tech, and the strong customizability of LED transparent display screens can completely meet customers' requirements for artistic creativity and uniqueness.

The Beijing Winter Olympics left a deep impression on us, and the ice screen used there allowed global audiences to witness China's high-tech prowess, and such ice screens are one type of transparent LED display screen.

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