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Services of LEDFUL

Services of LEDFUL

Publish Time : Feb 02 2022

The development of transparent LED display has become more and more mature, and more and more consumers have begun to understand and accept this product. Today's consumers are very smart, bypassing middlemen or engineering companies, and directly looking for LED transparent screen manufacturers, hoping to buy this product at the lowest price. In fact, whether it is an LED transparent screen manufacturer or an LED channel dealer, it has its meaning and reason for its existence, because the services are not the same.

Cooperation with LEDFUL:

(1) The way of providing products: LEDFUL provides the ex-factory price, and the price of the product will be lower.

(2) Installation method: LEDFUL will provide installation videos and technical guidance to help customers install remotely.

(3) Payment method: 50% of the payment is provided as a deposit before placing an order, and the remaining 50% of the payment can be arranged before shipment.

(4) After-sales: LEDFUL provides 3-year warranty, and professional after-sales personnel and engineers are at your service at any time.

LEDFUL provides one-stop service for customers to solve all problems from ordering to after-sales. LEDFUL listens to you, thinks more for you.

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2015-2024 LEDFUL
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