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What Are the Requirements for the Installation of TGC Series Transparent LED Display?

What Are the Requirements for the Installation of TGC Series Transparent LED Display?

Publish Time : Jan 05 2022

The TGC transparent LED displays are relatively high-end in terms of appearance. In actual applications, compared with common LED display screens, it is more in line with the current advertising ideas, and it is easier to attract viewers. Let's talk about the system characteristics of the TGC series transparent LED displays.

1. Glass is an important carrier for transparent display installation

Its size and shape directly affect the display effect of TGC LED display. As for irregular and peculiar glass when installing a transparent display screen, not only the screen needs to be customized, which is difficult and expensive; when designing the glass curtain wall of the shop and building, the owner should try to use glass of uniform size and reduce the special shape. In this way, it can reduce the difficulty of installing the transparent LED display TGC series, reduce the keel, further improve the permeability, and make the screen display more transparent and beautiful.

2. The resolution of TGC series transparent LED display

The resolution mentioned in the industry is the load point of the TGC series transparent LED display. The definition of the TGC series transparent LED displays is mainly affected by the screen area and pixel pitch. The larger the screen area, the smaller the pixel pitch and the higher the definition. Customers can choose the appropriate definition according to the actual audience range and viewing distance of the advertisement to achieve economical and applicable effects.

Although the TGC series transparent LED display screen broadcasts advertising information, it is essentially a kind of indoor LED screen and is installed in an indoor environment. Because outdoor advertising requires high brightness during the day and low brightness at night, brightness adjustment is very necessary at this time.

The TGC series of conventional transparent LED displays also use light sensing probes and cooperate with related software to adjust the brightness so as to ensure the watching experiences of the audience and raise their interest in the product to promote sales.

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