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Installation Method of LED Transparent Glass Screen

Installation Method of LED Transparent Glass Screen

Publish Time : Jan 11 2023

As industry insiders have said, now the transparent LED glass screen has entered the era of application from the simple product era, and the revolution of LED transparent screen installation is just beginning. In recent years, in many application scenarios, LED display screens have shown product+art+culture, bringing us a colorful "view". At the same time, with the development of COB, Mini LED/Micro LED display screens and the development of large-screen intelligence, LED display screens are also facing the digital age, artificial intelligence, mutual interaction between people, and mutual connection of all things.

Compared with traditional LED displays, transparent LED glass screens have high permeability, good expandability, light weight, convenient maintenance, and good display information effects. They also have a stronger sense of high-tech fashion trend. The transparency effect exceeding 85% of the perspective effect, the glass maintains the lighting perspective function, and the LED screen light is not visible from a distance, and the space near the glass curtain is not affected. The standardized design and customizable products; the beautiful power lines built-in make the overall picture look beautiful.

New technologies of transparent LED glass screen:

In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, transparent LED glass screens have also been continuously innovated and improved. Below are some new technologies:

  • Curving technology of transparent display screen: This technology makes transparent display screens can be made into flexible curved shapes, suitable for various complex designs and application scenarios.

  • High-definition display technology: The pixel density and resolution of transparent LED glass screens are getting higher and higher, which can achieve higher quality image and video display.

  • Multi-touch technology: By adding multi-touch technology, transparent LED glass screens can be used as interfaces for interactive applications, such as digital signature boards, interactive advertising boards, etc.

  • Environmental perception technology: transparent LED glass screens can integrate environmental perception technology, such as light sensing technology, which can adjust the brightness of the display screen according to the intensity of environmental light.

  • Variable transparency technology: This technology allows the transparency of the display screen to be adjusted in different application scenarios. For example, during the day, the display screen can be very transparent to allow light to pass through, while at night, it can become more opaque to provide better readability.

The introduction of these new technologies makes transparent LED glass screens have a wider range of applications in various fields such as commerce, technology, and architecture.

Factors affecting the life of transparent LED glass screens:

  • Display screen quality: The quality of the display screen is one of the most important factors affecting its life. Higher quality display screens usually use better materials and components, and undergo more rigorous testing and quality control, so they can run stably for a longer time.

  • Use environment: The use environment of the display screen also affects its life. If the display screen is exposed to harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, strong light, etc., its operating life may be shortened. In addition, if the display screen is frequently physically damaged by vibration, collision, etc., it will also affect its life.

  • Usage methods: The usage methods of the display screen also affect its life. For example, if the display screen is in a high-brightness state for a long time, its life may be shortened. In addition, if the screen is frequently turned on and off or the brightness is adjusted frequently, it will also have a negative impact on its life.

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the display screen, such as cleaning and checking connection lines and power supplies, can extend its life. In addition, timely repair when problems are found can also reduce damage.

Environmental protection of transparent LED glass screen:

The output power consumption is small, with an average power of less than 290W/㎡, without traditional cooling units and central air conditioning heat pipes for heat dissipation.

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