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What is the Relationship Between LED Transparent Display Screen and Commercial Window?

What is the Relationship Between LED Transparent Display Screen and Commercial Window?

Publish Time : Aug 15 2022

When we were walking on the street, we saw all kinds of LED transparent display screen glass showcases, which are what businesses want to use to promote different products.

In fact, whether it is posters, light boxes or physical displays, these are all businesses attracting consumers through window advertising, and now the 5g era has made window digital marketing a new trend, so in the future, the development of 5g will continue to expand, window advertising will become the future marketing market. Therefore, as an outdoor advertisement, the window itself has the advantages of publicity, and the transparent and leading display window is also used, which can further expand the technical significance of the display window advertisement and will subvert the past advertising form.

Ⅰ. The display principle of transparent LED display

The principle of LED transparent screen display, it looks like a set of small guiding lights of lines, this design greatly reduces the blocking of sight by structural elements, it can achieve 85% transparency, and can improve the perspective effect at the most, it is the clearest, Display device for visual effects.

The transparent screen has a novel and unique display effect, which allows the audience to stand at an ideal distance to watch, and it is the effect of the image hanging on the glass, which will not affect the original glass lighting function. And the transparent guide display is a positive product, with modular design, it meets the requirements of lifting and installation with a new structural design, and becomes the requirements for indoor and outdoor use, ultra-light and ultra-thin.

The transparent LED display has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness, and ultra-long lamp power supply scheme, which makes the glass curtain wall have good visual and lighting performance. The design of a noise-free power supply box and high light-emitting device ensures that the curtain wall can be viewed outdoors. Mainly used in large-scale shopping malls, exhibition halls, auto 4s stores, exhibition centers, jewelry stores, sightseeing elevators, glass stacks, shopping mall curtain walls and other large-scale building glass curtain wall exhibition venues.

Ⅱ. The role of transparent LED display

1. Advertising form of LED transparent display screen

The LED transparent screen attracts and interacts in a dynamic way. However, traditional advertising forms can only be expressed as static graphics, lacking creativity, and information dissemination is fleeting. LED transparent screens usually set up a large number of public places and transportation channels to attract the active attention of passers-by in the form of visual forms and images, which is more efficient than traditional advertising. Media viewing is more mandatory.

The LED transparent screen can dynamically display the commodity information that the merchant wants to display on the window through images, videos, etc. When the image is hung on the LED transparent screen, it becomes the most unique existence through beautiful pictures and real all-round product display. The penetration rate of the LED transparent screen is 92%, and the environment can be seen through the displayed image.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

Transparent LED display is used for advertising, energy saving, environmental protection, and all-weather work, fully adapting to various outdoor harsh environments, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, lightning protection, shock resistance, high cost performance, and good display performance. 6000cd/m2 is still displayed under strong light, with highly integrated design, ultra-low power consumption and 100w minimum.

3. Information dissemination

Every time a traditional window advertisement is released, the entire window needs to be redesigned and replaced, which requires labor costs and time-consuming. Outdoor traction display, resolution can reach high-definition painting quality, colorful. As an audio-visual collection, in addition to rotating pictures, the traction display can also receive various signal transmissions, dynamic video playback, and further cater to the interests of the audience.

The display of the transparent LED display gives the glass curtain wall and glass window a second life, making the glass more dynamic and making urban life more colorful!

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