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Structure Design of Fine Pitch LED Screen

Structure Design of Fine Pitch LED Screen

Publish Time : Sep 23 2020

The structure design of the fine pitch LED screen mainly has the following requirements:

Seamless splicing requirements

LCD splicing large screen display technology can not avoid the influence of physical frame while meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent. The splicing still fails to meet the seamless splicing requirements of customers.

Due to the imaging principle, DLP's screen joint gap is much smaller than that of LCD joint. Before the appearance of high-definition led thin space large screen, DLP can be called seamless, but its optical joint is inevitable. The human visual nerve and its acuteness make the optical seam still the bottleneck of large screen display.

Throughout the LED fine pitch display screen, it has high luminous brightness and lower power consumption under the same brightness when the brightness requirement is not high; its display surface is not reflective and has high contrast, which meets the requirements of high-end applications such as conference rooms, and the LED fine pitch display screen can realize real seamless splicing.

Anti collision technical requirements

At present, there is no protection light around the LED box, because with the market demand become more and more, the spacing is smaller and smaller, so the LED lamp beads are also smaller and smaller. The result is that the lamp beads are very fragile. When installing, the lamp beads will be knocked down accidentally, especially the edge of the lamp beads are more likely to be damaged. The same situation will happen when packaging and transportation, so it is necessary to study a way to protect the lamp device.

Backup technical requirements

With the gradual maturity of the use of fine pitch LED screen, with its unique advantages of display effect, its application place has developed from ordinary conference room, monitoring room, exhibition and display to national level conference center, monitoring center, CCTV, large-scale events. For example, at last year's G20 meeting, this year's Zhurihe military parade and Tianjin National Games, led fine pitch displays are everywhere. However, the excellent display effect of its new products and high-density equipment is accompanied by the risk of stability. Once the black screen appears in the main venue, it will cause political events or significant international influence in China, such as the five rings changed into four rings in Tianjin National Games. Therefore, when choosing the fine spacing as the main screen of the venue, the stability assessment is the most important one. It is also important that it can not have the problem of black screen.

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