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To understand the characteristics of event led screen, we first need to understand why this field exists.As we all know, LED display is a medium for transmitting signals, and its purpose is to display video and pictures.Previous projects were fixed in one location to meet customer needs. Due to the mobile information age, the fixed screen used to perform the stage is becoming difficult to survive, and performance groups across the country are turning their attention to the mobile stage.So the mobile screen was born, and then we found that we could save a lot of space costs. However, it was too expensive to buy a display screen. At that time, some people who had the ability to own a display screen began to rent the screen, slowly forming a chain of interests.

Smart vendors have designed screens for this market. LED stage displays are mainly used in stage Settings, requiring frequent disassembly and reuse, so the portability and durability of such products need to be tested. At the same time, with frequent changes in the rental market, a lot of transportation is necessary, so the led stage screen design needs to be highly resistant to shock and damage, so as to avoid the risks of sea, air, rail or car transportation.

In addition to the use and transportation, as the lease problem of consumers also need to consider the installation of the screen, usually lease LED the company has a professional team for installation services, as the LED terminal, raw plant screen manufacturers of artificial cost and labor time into consideration, to maximize the streamline design, in order to achieve the effect of rapid installation, thus for the customer to save time and money.

LEDFUL has been deeply engaged in the leasing industry since 2008. At present, we have exported to more than 108 countries and undertaken 9,600 large-scale projects around the world, with Rental products accounting for more than 40%. If you are interested in investing in this field, please feel free to contact us.

Indoor Rental LED Display VS Outdoor Rental LED Display

Indoor rental LED display is mainly used for various indoor events, such as indoor exhibitions, performances, concerts, etc., it can also be used for fixed installation. Indoor rental led screen is not waterproof, the brightness is around 1000nits. For indoor rental led screens, the viewing distance is very short, so in order to show the best quality to audience, we have to promise high definition. The indoor rental market tends to have pixel pitches such as P2.6, P2.5.

Outdoor rental LED display is mainly used for outdoor events, such as sports competition, music festival etc. Outdoor rental led display screen is waterproof, brightness is over 4000cd/m², and there is a protective mask to protect LEDs from collision. Usually for outdoor activities, the viewing distance is far, so the pixel pitch of screen isn't main factor of a project, but stability and durability are the key. Currently P3.9 and P4.8 are hot sale pitches for outdoor projects.

Indoor Rental LED Display

Indoor LED stage screen rental is mainly used in exhibitions, conferences, weddings, indoor stages, cocktail parties, concerts and so on, mainly using hanging and floor stacking installation ways.

The main advantages of indoor rental LED screen are as below:

Various pixel pitch options

P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9 and P4.9 can meet most of different resolution requirements. In the case of close viewing distance, smaller pixel pitches are better, such as P1.9, P2.6 and P2.9. In the case of long viewing distance and large screen size, P3.9 and P4.8 will be better.

High gray scale and high refresh rate

The 16-bit gray scale and 3840Hz high refresh rate ensure that the indoor rental LED display has outstanding performance, even in front of professional cameras, the display picture is still clear and natural.

Different Maintenance Way Options

Normally the maintenance way is rear service by screw fixing, but when there is not enough space behind the screen, we can choose the front maintenance way, which is easier to maintain at the event site.

Different Cabinet Size Options

As a indoor rental led screen supplier, Our stage rental displays are available in 500x500mm and 500x1000mm sizes, and can be used together to flexibly adapt to various required display sizes.

Corner Protector

All LED display cabinet corners are protected by protectors which prevent unnecessary damage to the LED lamps during placement and movement.

More Shape Design

LEDFUL led stage display provides curved, right-angle screen design, abnormal shape can make the screen more outstanding and better display effect.

One-stop service
We will provide installation structure, control system, sound system, stage lighting, mobile power distribution and other equipments that the rental LED screen needs, one-stop service for your project.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Rental led stage screen, mainly divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. Today I will introduce you to the details of the outdoor rental led display screen.

First of all, the pixel pitch of outdoor rental led display is selected: P2.6mm, P2.97mm ,P3.9mm,P4.8mm,P5.9mm,P6.2mm. Due to the particularity of the rental market, it is not recommended to use products with spacing less than P2.6mm. The smaller the lamp bead is, the more it needs to be protected from collision. Outdoor scenes with frequent movement are not suitable for such pixels. At present, P3.9 and P4.8 occupy the highest market share in our company, and their viewing distance is just 30-50m, which is suitable for most outdoor rental sites.

Secondly, outdoor rental led displays will inevitably mention the brightness problem. Brightness also has a great impact on outdoor rental led displays. Too high brightness will cause the impact and harm to the audience's human vision, which is not conducive to human health problems, while too low brightness will not be able to get a perfect display effect. General outdoor rental LED brightness is around 4000-5500Nits.

Then we need to pay attention to the degree of stitching. There are usually three ways to install outdoor rental screens: 1. Truss hoisting; 2. Floor structure stacking; 3. “Z”type  frame assembling.Usually the most used is the truss lifting, so the screen assembly details are very important, not only need to design light and easy to assemble, but also strong enough to be safe.At present, our company's outdoor rental products use CNC die-casting aluminum materials on the market, with higher accuracy and better sealing, error less than 0.01mm, perfect visual presentation.

LEDFUL provides led stage rental led screen for sale, our latest outdoor rental design, the fourth generation plug and plug LED display, is now popular all over the world, exported to more than 86 countries, done more than 9600 cases, you can contact us if you are interested.  

LEDFUL Event LED Screen Advantages and Features

Indoor and Outdoor Rental LED display, Pitch P1.9, P2.2, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8, P5.6, P6.9, share the same cabinet frame, control box and accessories, which help clients set up safety stock and upgrade the screen resolution within budget.

Features of our indoor and outdoor rental LED display: full front maintenance, not only module front service, but also power supply, receiver card, hub, etc. Quick exchangeable control box for easy maintenance. Time saving. Removing the LED modules without disconnect cables will save a lot of time in the show.
Wall Mounted for Fixed Installation. Each corner of cabinet have a screw hole, screw M8 bolts to fix bare cabinet on the wall. Assembly modules onto the cabinet. Curved Installation with every 2.5°between -7.5°and 10°, which can make convex and concave. Climbing structure can help you make convenient maintenance. 4mm stands at the bottom of cabinet, prevent edge pixels damage when put cabinet upright on the ground.

No light leakage design with specific strips on side of cabinet and behind neighbour module. Different spacing of location pins on up and down sides of control box. Package Flight case and Wooden Case

Set safety stock / save material cost. Different LED display pixel pitch match the same cabinet frame, control box, power supply, data and power cable, flight case packing, etc. So you only need buy different pixel pitch modules to upgrade your screen resolution.
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