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Parameter Classification of Transparent LED Screen

Parameter Classification of Transparent LED Screen

Publish Time : Aug 22 2022

The quantity parameters of transparent LED screen parameters can be divided into basic parameters, auxiliary parameters and central parameters after summarization and classification.

Ⅰ. The basic parameters of transparent LED screen

The basic parameters of the LED transparent screen are the bottom parameters of the transparent LED display. If the settings are not accurate, it will not be able to communicate or display abnormally. Basic parameters include display width, control card address, baud rate, IP address, port number, mac address, subnet mask, gateway, rewrite frequency and shift clock frequency, etc.

Ⅱ. The auxiliary parameters of transparent LED screen

LED transparent screen auxiliary parameters are a set of parameters that are well displayed and operated, controlling card number, communication display symbol, brightness and screen switching time.

Ⅲ. Central parameters of transparent LED screen

The central parameter of the transparent LED screen is a necessary parameter to display the screen. If the settings are not accurate, the light will not show and the screen will burn.

The central parameters include cascade direction, OE polarity, data polarity, display type, color, scanning method, dot order and row order. For equipment with basic parameters and auxiliary parameters, input boxes and selection boxes are provided for user input and selection, and the interface display can be directly set.

For the central parameter, three methods can be used: professional rapid detection, intelligent equipment and external file equipment.

1. Professional Adventure

For common and common transparent LED screen types, the parameters are usually fixed and can be pre-packaged into a file or table, and the loaded device can be selected when debugging.

2. Smart Devices

The parameters of the unusual or indeterminate LED transparent screen are unknown, which the smart device can then use to determine the parameters of its device and then reserve them for future use.

3. External file device

Import external files built by smart devices or other methods into the device. Among the three device methods, the smart device is the main device method. Compared with the main device method, its main processes and functions are as follows:

(1) Launch smart devices.

(2) After the tour guide is completed, select the user and the display screen through human-computer interaction, and start the operation of the intelligent equipment. Fill in the initial parameters, determine the polarity/data polarity, determine the color, determine the scanning method, determine the point order, determine the sequence, generate the equipment parameters, and complete the determination of the center parameters.

(3) Return the parameters of the smart device.

(4) Connect the display screen to set the parameters.

(5) If accurate, run the output parameters.

(6) Select external files and save them for future downloads. So far, complete the display smart device. It can be seen that the transparent LED display needs more than 20 parameters to be accurately illuminated, and the confusion of its complexity can be imagined.

Due to the high production cost of the transparent screen, if the setting is not accurate, the lightness will not display, and the weight will burn the screen, causing serious economic losses and delays. Therefore, some leadership control software is messy for stability, insurance, and planning, and it is understandable that it is inconvenient to use.

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