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China's Led Display Market is Prosperous

Publish Time : Aug 26 2020

Driven by the rapid growth of demand for LED display screens for stadiums and stadiums, in recent years, the application of China led display screen has gradually increased, with a broad market prospect. At present, LED has been widely used in banks, railway stations, advertisements, stadiums. The display screen also changes from the traditional monochromatic static display to the full-color video display.

However, the open market means that the profit of the fierce competition products is getting smaller and smaller. How to get out of the current development dilemma has become the focus of the major led display screen China manufacturers. Compared with the business opportunities brought by the replacement of display equipment in other industries, the market space potential formed by the upgrading of LED display products is unlimited.

The upgrading of LED display can be divided into two aspects:

First of all, the original LED display products have reached the replacement formed by the service life. Affected by LED light decay, the life of LED display is generally about five years. In the past five years, it can be said that it is the most golden five years of China led display screen. LED display has been widely used in advertising, stage, stadium and other application fields. So in the next few years, there will be a large number of LED display screens that have reached the service life need to be replaced, which will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

Secondly, new technology and new products replace traditional products.

Up to now, there are three development trends in the industry that deserve the attention of enterprises.

First, it is the trend of full-color LED display replacing single and double colors.

Second, it is the trend of high density LED display screen replacing low density products.

Third, the large spacing LED display screen is recognized by the outdoor lighting market, which has great potential to replace the traditional digital tube market.

To sum up, the upgrading of LED display will bring new growth power to the industry. LED advertising machine and led small spacing display will open a new market for the industry.

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