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Five Problems That Need to Be Solved for Transparent LED Display

Five Problems That Need to Be Solved for Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Jul 01 2021

1. The permeability and dot pitch of transparent glass LED display

Judging from the current products on the market, the transparent LED display has a maximum permeability of 90%, and the minimum dot pitch is 2.6mm.

For a transparent LED display, has its permeability and dot pitch reached its limit? In fact, not yet, because the PCB board, the driver IC, and the lamp beads themselves are opaque. If the dot pitch is made smaller, it will inevitably lose a part of the permeability, and the high permeability is precisely the transparency, the biggest advantage of the TGC series glass LED display.

The price of improving the permeability is the expansion of the dot pitch, which affects the clarity and display effect of its picture, which becomes a dilemma.

2. After-sales service, product maintenance convenience and product reliability of transparent glass LED display

  • The side-emitting LED lamp beads used in transparent LED displays on the market are not very versatile, with poor consistency and stability, resulting in high production costs and troublesome after-sales service.

  • At present, there are many customized products in the market, and the quantity is small, and mass production is more difficult. This is also an important reason for the high cost of transparent LED displays.

3. How to achieve "true transparency"?

The so-called "true transparency" means that the transparent glass LED diplay must be truly integrated with the glass structure.

4. The standardization and customization of transparent glass LED displays

Standardization can reduce costs, and customization can make the transparent LED display and the building achieve a high degree of harmony.

5. The problem of light transmission on the back of the transparent glass LED display

When designing the advertisement on the transparent glass LED display, at present, the unnecessary background color should be removed and replaced with black. Only the content that needs to be expressed is displayed. The black part does not emit light during playback and this method can greatly reduce light pollution.

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