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The Value of Outdoor LED Large Screen Advertising

The Value of Outdoor LED Large Screen Advertising

Publish Time : Mar 21 2022

In the era of information explosion, more and more advertisements are flooding people's lives, and it is difficult for people to actively pay attention to advertisement information. Therefore, audience attention resources have gradually become the scarce resources pursued by major advertisers. Outdoor LED display advertising occupies a place in the field of outdoor advertising with its unique advantages and value.

1. Marketing value of LED display

Outdoor LED large-screen media are mostly located in landmark buildings, central business districts, main roads of core cities and other functional places with dense traffic flow, such as supermarkets, squares, etc. These areas tend to gather a large number of people, and the ability of large-screen advertisements to attract the attention and attention of many audiences also means that they have higher marketing value.

2. The dissemination value of LED display

Due to its prominent geographical location and strong visual impact, outdoor LED large screens can easily attract the active attention of a large number of outdoor people and will become a symbol of the city.

According to the survey, the compliance rate of outdoor LED large screens remains above 60%. The audience passes through the LED large screen area 10 times each time, and will see the LED large screen 6 to 9 times on average, and the audience stays on the LED large screen for an average of 16.8 to 38 seconds.

3. The creative value of transparent LED display

Compared with other traditional outdoor advertising brands, outdoor transparent display screens can integrate flat images, copywriting, dynamic sound effects, stereoscopic technology, etc. And create rich horizon stimulation. The creativity and imagination of advertising display, combined with LED large screen media, will produce unparalleled visual effects.

4. The scene value of transparent LED display

With the development of outdoor transparent LED advertising screen technology, the display effect of large screens is getting better and better, and more and more functions are realized. Using outdoor transparent LED large screen for brand information dissemination, combined with creative interactive design of advertising, realize the linkage between advertising and audience, can realize interactive scene marketing, which will greatly improve brand exposure and win greater value.

5. The brand value of transparent LED display

Compared with other forms of outdoor advertising media, outdoor transparent LED large screen is superior to other outdoor media in the usefulness of information dissemination and media presentation.

At the same time, the high-end and high-quality sense of outdoor transparent LED large-screen media also endows the advertising brands and products on it with a "big brand" image, thereby enhancing the marketing value of publishers.

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