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What's the Difference Between the Stage Display and the Conventional Indoor and Outdoor Display

Publish Time : Apr 07 2019

In recent years, more and more LED displays have been used. Especially in stage performances, the supply of LED screen rental is in short supply. And rental LED display screen is not the same because of its use and function. Here is an introduction about the difference between stage LED rental screen and traditional LED display screen.
1 Installation Mode The disassembly and installation of indoor stage display is convenient and fast. For example, when a concert is over, it can be dismantled and transported to another stage. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screen, usually fixed installation mode, fixed installation position, will not be easy to move.
2. Different selection Because the indoor stage display has a high display of dancing beauty, the effect of screen playing is required to be clearer. Therefore, the general indoor environment uses the high-definition screen of model P3 P4, or even more stringent use of small space P2.5 P2, etc., outdoor use of model P6 P5. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screen, because of the long viewing distance or low display requirements, generally uses P5 P4 indoor model, and P10 is the mostly used in outdoor displays for outdoor LED advertising, followed by P16.
3 Display effect Generally, the traditional LED display only plays a propaganda effect, and can play video and video pictures, while the LED stage rental screen should accept the test of high-definition cameras, and the refresh and display effect of the screen is more stringent. So the configuration is higher.
4. The box body is different from the traditional outdoor LED display screen. The box body will be waterproof, and the structure is heavy. Indoor display frequency uses simple LED box, and stage LED rental display screen, because the box is often dismantled and moved, is usually made of die-casting aluminum box.
We know that indoor stage displays are mostly mounted by hoisting or wall mounting. With these two installation methods, the weight and safety of the rental screen are required. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked very high and lifted in a lightweight way, the rental screen must be light and thin. At present, all the rental screens are die-cast aluminium boxes, and the joints must be firm, reliable and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to site personnel due to negligence in installation.
Generally speaking, the indoor stage display is more convenient and fast. With the improvement of people's visual and aesthetic requirements, the scene layout of stage performances, wedding ceremonies, opening ceremonies and other venues is becoming more and more beautiful.

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