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How to Choose to Buy LED Transparent Screen?

How to Choose to Buy LED Transparent Screen?

Publish Time : Jun 08 2022

With the rapid development of transparent LED displays, manufacturers of transparent LED displays have sprung up, and the product quality of each manufacturer is uneven. So how to choose to buy LED transparent screen, what are the factors that affect the price of LED transparent screen?

1. Choose a transparent LED screen, please don't just look at the price

Pricing is an important factor affecting the sales of LED transparent screens. Although everyone understands the principle of getting what you pay for, the choice of transparent LED screens will still be low. The great difference leads to the neglect of quality. In the actual use process, the probability of poor contact, lamp damage and short circuit is greatly increased, and after-sales problems occur from time to time, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

2. The "same model" of the transparent LED screen may not be the "same product"

In the sales process, we often encounter customers who say, why is the price of your home so much more expensive than others for the same type of monitor?

Since the quotations to customers are based on the company's channels, these are all formal quotations, and the product quality and materials are reliable. If the quotation is low, the possibility of using inferior materials for the product is relatively high. Brand lamp beads, resulting in color cast, dead lamp phenomenon, and the service life is greatly reduced. For example, the use of unknown power supplies, low power efficiency, serious heat generation and other problems also seriously restrict the display effect and normal service life of the screen, which are all worth considering.

3. The technical specification parameter value of transparent LED screen is not as high as possible

The user will select several LED transparent screen manufacturers for review, and then determine the supplier of the LED transparent screen. Two important aspects of the review are the price and technical parameters of the LED transparent screen. When the prices are almost the same, the technical parameters are the winners. Many customers believe that the higher the display quality of the parametric digital scale, the better the display effect. In fact, how is the situation?

In fact, for example, it is also a transparent LED display, which displays the brightness value. Some manufacturers will write 2000 square meters / year, and some manufacturers will write 1500 square meters / year. Because the brightness requirements of indoor LED screens are not high, generally around 800-1500. Too high brightness will dazzle the eyes and affect viewing. In terms of life, too high brightness will easily overdraw the life of the transparent screen in advance. Therefore, reasonable brightness is the correct solution, not the higher the brightness, the better. And the price of the high-brightness type is generally much more expensive. Reasonable products must be selected according to the actual use environment and purpose of use.

4. The production and testing of transparent LED screens are not as short as possible

Many customers who bought a transparent LED display just placed an order and could not wait to get the goods right away. This kind of mentality is easy to understand, but the LED transparent screen needs at least 48 hours of aging, lighting test, color cast and dead light problems after the production is completed, so as to ensure that the problems are solved before shipment.

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