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Advantages of Curved Transparent LED Display Screen

Advantages of Curved Transparent LED Display Screen

Publish Time : Feb 01 2023

With the continuous development and improvement of transparent LED display technology, it not only ensures the application environment of the products, but also meets the lighting and angle requirements of buildings, LED glass facades and other constructions. Transparent LED display is an innovation of the light bar screen, which purposefully improves the manufacturing processes of SMT production, LED chip packaging, and automatic control systems, greatly reducing the obstruction of components to the field of vision and enhancing the actual transparent effect. Additionally, the product has excellent heat dissipation and anti-aging effects, and is extremely easy to install and maintain, completely overcoming the limitations of traditional LED displays in the application on curtain walls and their integration with natural environments. Furthermore, the transparent LED display can be fabricated into curved designs.

Currently, most curtain wall glass is square, which can be somewhat monotonous. If some creative irregular LED displays can be made, such as sloping and angled displays, it will attract a lot of attention.

How is the arc-shaped transparent display made?

The inclined surface of the transparent LED display is divided into inner arcs, outer arcs, and arcs. For the arc-shaped transparent display, using traditional horizontal modules would cause many problems, such as large seams, uneven overall screen curvature, and a lack of integration into areas with large curvatures. Therefore, to ensure the curvature is as smooth as possible, vertical modules are generally selected, which can achieve stronger surface smoothness and make it easier to assemble curved displays. Currently, the majority of arc-shaped transparent LED displays on the market are outer arc-shaped. There are three main methods:

  • If the radius of the arc is over one meter, the shell is made into a vertical long strip and assembled piece by piece.

  • If the radius of the arc is between 0.5 meters and one meter, the shell needs to be made with a curvature, and then the module is assembled.

  • If the radius of the arc is less than 0.5 meters, special modules need to be made, the modules are made into vertical strips, and the steel frame structure of the transparent LED display must also be curved.

Advantages of arc-shaped transparent LED display:

Stronger visual impact

The use of an advertising LED display panel with an arc-shaped transparent display can provide a consistent visual experience to viewers, regardless of their position. This is due to the fact that human eyes have a specific angle of lift, and the curvature of the arc-shaped display ensures that the same message is conveyed equally when viewed from different angles. Just like televisions and computer screens, curved advertising LED display panels can create a stronger sensory experience, further enhancing the impact of advertising content on potential customers. Whether placed in the middle or not, a curved LED display panel can transform any advertising message into a dynamic and visually compelling showcase that grabs and holds attention.

Greater coordination ability

Nowadays, the vast majority of TV sets, tablets, and laptops have flat screens, but if you want to make a watch, a flat screen is likely to be greatly limited.

At this point, curved screens can fully play their coordinating abilities, providing some special curvatures to consider the product's needs.

The use of indoor advertising LED screen has become a popular trend in large and medium-sized shopping malls. Multi-directional arc-shaped transparent LED displays offer a quick and effective method for advertisers to utilize indoor space and convey information to potential customers with precision. These innovative advertising tools are capable of grabbing the attention of passersby, making them ideal for creating a dynamic and visually appealing advertising display that drives foot traffic and boosts sales.

A new major use for transparent LED displays, with broad industry prospects, is very suitable for the "engineering and construction news media" industry. This meets the requirements of a new sales market and successfully opens up a high-quality curtain wall resource.

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