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LED Transparent Display Makes Up for the Traditional Stage Effect

LED Transparent Display Makes Up for the Traditional Stage Effect

Publish Time : Jul 08 2022

1. Transparent LED display is widely used

The light bar type transparent LED display has the characteristics of diversity and personalization, and users can customize various LED transparent screen products according to their own needs. This will not only enable enterprises to gain differentiated competitive advantages and maintain higher profit margins, but also help bar operators establish a new image, provide better experience and attract customers.

After several years of development, LED display has gradually faded out from traditional display products, and the eye-catching products on the market have become LED small-pitch display, LED transparent screen, LED special-shaped screen and many other creative display products. Although the traditional LED display still occupies a large market share, at the same time, the market share of the LED creative display, which leads the development trend of the industry, is constantly expanding.

In terms of transparent LED displays, LED transparent screens are widely used in the commercial display market due to their transparency and beauty, and LED transparent screens are also very popular in the commercial display market.

2. The application of transparent LED display in the stage

In recent years, with the rapid development of the display industry, the LED display rental market has boomed. Various conferences, concerts, TV shows, wedding shopping malls, and cultural performances are also increasingly enriched.

With the development of Wumei shopping center, LED transparent display screens have also begun to appear. The new product should be light in weight, thin in structure, with hoisting function and convenient device, which is easy to install, disassemble and use. At present, in terms of device structure, the strip-shaped LED transparent screen has been optimized, which makes the installation of the LED transparent screen more convenient and fast.

The led transparent screen is lighter, more suitable for independent disassembly and replacement, and meets the needs of rapid installation of bars. Compared with the traditional LED display, the transparent LED display has high air permeability and thin texture. Its design is stylish and beautiful, full of modern technology.

In the traditional LED display layout, the lighting design is more restricted. The box-type set has extremely limited lighting installation positions, and the stage will lack atmospheric light and ambient light, which makes the stage lack the scene atmosphere, and it is difficult to achieve a perfect stage effect. LED transparent displays make up for the shortcomings of traditional LED displays.

The LED transparent screen can be designed according to the diversity of the stage shape, and the screen can be hung arbitrarily to show the frame and overall depth of the stage. Adopting the characteristics of transparency, lightness and rich colors, it can produce a strong perspective effect and make the depth of field of the whole picture longer. On the premise of not affecting the stage design, there is space for the suspension and playback of lights, which can present a certain atmosphere and dynamic to the entire stage, and can better express the theme.

Through careful processing of the screen video, the LED transparent display screen is used, and the unique screen display technology and the transparent characteristics of the screen body are used to form an ideal three-dimensional realistic virtual space. The use of multi-screen display can make the space image move, and enhance the level and motion feeling of the stage effect. The performance of the program has been greatly improved, and the LED screen can be integrated into the actual scene.

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