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Transparent Screens Provide Users Unprecedented Visual Effects And New Experiences

Transparent Screens Provide Users Unprecedented Visual Effects And New Experiences

Publish Time : Dec 28 2021

Transparent screen advertising machine is a new display mode based on transparent LED display, which is widely used in the display of cultural relics in museums and technology exhibitions, as well as the display of high-end products such as jewelry, watches, and electronic products. It uses pictures, promotional videos and attractive advertising information combined with static objects of terminal products to enhance brand impression and shopping experience for customers, and promote sales.

Since the transparent LED screen does not emit light, it is necessary to make a cabinet with a built-in backlight. The cabinet can reflect lights on the screen to illuminate it. However, it can be used in conjunction with a multimedia player and a transparent LED screen can be used as a display cabinet.

1. The characteristics of the transparent LED screen and the product functions of the transparent screen advertising machine

(1) High transparency of the transparent LED screen

The high-transparency screen allows viewing of the internal space through the screen of the program. The combination of dynamic advertising information of attractive products with static objects such as terminal products and shop windows can enhance the brand experience and shopping experience for customers.

(2) Unlimited viewing angle of the transparent LED screen

The transparent panel adopts advanced technology and a unique switching mode of liquid crystal molecules, and the omnidirectional viewing angle can reach 80°. With the application of colorless polarisation technology, the color gamut is greatly increased and the picture is more delicate and bright, people can enjoy saturated colors and vivid images from any angle.

(3) Perfect advertising playback function on the transparent LED screen

The transparent screen advertising machine supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, AVI, JPEG and other multimedia formats. It can automatically play advertising in a loop, which supports functions such as 720P high-definition playback, rolling subtitles and time switching.

(4) User-friendly intelligent volume settings of the transparent LED screen

Customers can set the volume according to different time periods, which is very suitable for user-friendly management in high-end hotels, hospitals, communities and other places.

(5) Transparent LED screen without touch trace

It has a touch function and a unique high-tech hard screen that does not produce water ripples. The picture is clear, stable, smooth and natural.

The screen of the transparent LED display looks like glass, which can maintain the transparency of dynamic pictures and ensure there are various colors and the normal display. Therefore, the interactive display device of the transparent LED display can not only allows users to closely see the products behind the screen, but also allows users to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent LED display.

2. Users can interact with dynamic information from the transparent LED screen

(1) Currently, the interactive transparent screen has different sizes and specifications such as 7-82 inches according to the screen size, which is very suitable for displaying jewelry and various high-end products in shopping malls, as well as some cultural relics in museums. It can also be installed on various machines as a display module to bring different visual effects and experiences to the audience.

(2) With the continuous development of display technology, the transparent LED screen has emerged. Compared with traditional LED, the transparent screen can bring users an unprecedented visual experience. The transparent screen can be used in many places as a screen or transparent flat glass.

(3) Currently, the transparent screen is mainly used for exhibitions and product displays. For example, the transparent screen can be used to replace window glass. In the future, the transparent screen will have a very broad application field. For example, it can replace window glass in buildings, and can be used as glass doors for refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.

The transparent LED screen allows the customers to see the objects behind the screen while seeing the screen image, which can improve the efficiency of information transmission and add a lot of fun.

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