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Is the Transparent LED Display Fully Transparent?

Is the Transparent LED Display Fully Transparent?

Publish Time : Mar 14 2022

LED transparent screen is also called transparent LED display. As the name suggests, "transparency" is its biggest feature. Different from traditional screens, it has the characteristics of high transparency and ultra-thinness. Objective performance factors such as opacity and air tightness of traditional screens have caused many problems such as excessive screen weight and poor heat dissipation. Let's take a look at this device full of technological elements.

1. Is the transparent LED display really transparent?

In fact, the transparent LED display mainly uses some technologies to improve the permeability and make the screen more transparent. It looks like a shutter and consists of a linear set of LED lights. In the design, the obstruction of sight by structural components is greatly reduced, and the maximum light transmittance can reach 90%. It is the display device with the highest definition and the best perspective effect at present.

LED transparent screen products include LED film screen, LED light bar screen, LED grid screen, LED window screen and other transparent display products. Its biggest feature is high light transmittance, good performance effect, good heat dissipation effect, light weight and easy maintenance.

At present, the popular glass LED transparent liquid crystal displays on the market not only have the above characteristics, but also have outstanding characteristics in terms of light transmittance. The LED transparent display screen can be naturally attached to the glass and hung on the glass keel, which is the best companion. When the screen is not on, it will hardly affect the overall design and transparent lighting of the building; after the glass is lit, it becomes an LED screen, which can play pictures and videos, with beautiful colors, vivid pictures, and 3D light effects. The combination of high technology and artistry, LED transparent screen is very popular.

2. The advantages of LED transparent display screen

The advantage of LED transparent screen is to realize flexible application! It consists of a box panel and has the characteristics of "small module, large display".

Small modules have the advantages of flexible combination, seamlessness, and easy maintenance, while large displays have the characteristics of large size, high brightness, high color reproduction and saturation, high contrast ratio, long life, and low power consumption.

Transparent screens are currently more expensive than traditional displays. The main factors that usually affect the price include model specifications, transparent screen lamp beads and other materials. Transparent LED displays are widely used commercially. Common ones are window dressing cabinets and stage decorations in commercial centers. The most commonly used are also window dressing cabinets. The window LED transparent screen is more expensive, but the effect is better.

3. How to use LED transparent display screen?

With the continuous development of LED display technology, the market share of various creative LED display products has continued to expand, and their application scenarios and display effects have become more diverse.

LED transparent screen is mainly used for window display, glass curtain wall, etc. Glass windows and commodity display cabinets of major commercial buildings, shopping malls, commercial refrigerators, luxury goods, and jewelry chain stores. Transparent display products can display commercial advertising information and recommended products to users through glass, display cabinets and other carriers.

LED transparent liquid crystal displays are favored by the market because of their transparency, lightness, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection, and their role in urban beautification and display in my country is increasingly irreplaceable.

With the wide demand in the commercial display market, transparent LED displays will continue to develop and innovate, showing new trends. The following technical trends will also appear in the future: smaller dot pitch, high contrast, high grayscale, high refresh rate, and more refined display screens. With the interaction between people and the screen, the audience can interact with the display screen, and the advertising effect will be better. Well, the commercial value of transparent screens will be further highlighted.

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