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What is the Price of LED Glass Transparent Screen?

What is the Price of LED Glass Transparent Screen?

Publish Time : May 23 2022

LED glass screens, also known as fully transparent glass screens, are generally installed on glass building curtain walls. The fully transparent glass screen with lamp beads embedded in the glass produces wonderful shots in a bright way. What is the principle of transparent glass LED display? How to calculate the price of LED glass transparent screen, let us find out together.

Ⅰ. The principle of glass LED display

Because of the uniqueness of natural environments such as glass building curtain walls, fully transparent glass displays are more user-friendly in terms of actual installation effects and display interfaces.

The glass screen is protected by two-sided explosion-proof glass, with luminous beads embedded in the middle, displaying a wonderful interface of information. The combination of RGB colors restores the true colorful interface in the entire process of displaying information. The transparent glass LED display design reduces most of the structural components, and the P20 model has a 90% transmittance. It not only maintains the light transmission performance of the glass, but also displays information animation videos, which greatly expands the application scope of the glass.

Ⅱ. The price composition of transparent glass LED display

1. Solid model interval

The clarity interval is the distance between the lamp beads, and the enterprise is mm. It is generally used in combination with p. Under normal circumstances, the smaller the interval, the clearer the transparent glass LED display interface, and the better the actual effect of the displayed information. But it also means that the larger the lamp bead used, the higher the cost, and vice versa. Therefore, when choosing the spacing between the lamp beads, it should be noted that the spacing is immediately related to the price!

2. Standardized products or customized products

The clear glass LED display is pieced together from the control panel, and the basic display is square. If it is arc, diamond, square, or even irregular, it must be customized; if one must be certified again, the price will be higher. For example, the interaction must be customized, and the cost will continue to increase. Equipped with some wireless network modules will increase its price.

New transparent glass LED display projects generally belong to large, medium and small construction projects, and have the advantages of low cost, long service life, installation and adjustment, and after-sales service maintenance. Product quality, price, after-sales maintenance services and other factors must be considered. Therefore, in the case of selection, we should choose a reliable LED glass screen manufacturer like LEDFUL. Warmly welcome to consult!

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