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Is the Transparent LED Screen Wall Really Transparent?

Is the Transparent LED Screen Wall Really Transparent?

Publish Time : Sep 15 2022

In the city, the shapes of the glass curtain wall buildings are different, showing a certain rich architectural art. At night, the buildings can only rely on monotonous lighting to illuminate their architectural art, but the effect is very simple. At the same time, not only the lighting engineering technology is complex, the cost and energy consumption, coupled with the subsequent maintenance difficulties, and the creative application of glass curtain wall buildings in commercial areas, so there is no creative application of advertising value.

In the later stage, with the development of LED display technology, it can be applied to glass curtain wall buildings, which enriches the display effect of buildings and presents the colorfulness of architectural art, thus creating the value of commercial advertisements and becoming the original design of glass curtain wall buildings.

1. Is the transparent LED screen wall really transparent?

The characteristic of led transparent screen wall is that transparency is its biggest feature, it is completely transparent. In fact, led transparent display mainly improves transparency through some technologies, making the screen closer to a transparent state.

In recent years, it looks like a set of existing small light guide lights. In the design, a large number of structural components are used to reduce the resistance of the visibility line. Its light transmittance can reach more than 90%, which can maximize the perspective effect, it is the highest transparency and best perspective display device.

The most common transparent LED display screen glass curtain wall is generally installed inside the glass curtain wall, invisible outside some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls, as if it is not installed, but when the screen body is lit, the audience can see at an ideal distance. As a result, the picture hangs above the glass and will not affect the indoor lighting and ventilation of high-rise buildings and shopping malls.

At present, Led transparent screen wall is named as the screen that distinguishes traditional Led screen, led screen and glass screen, it is a relatively traditional Led display screen, its screen has high permeability, good scalability, light weight and easy maintenance. The display effect is extremely beautiful and fashionable. At present, the transmittance of the transparent screen glass screen is about 90%, and the minimum spacing is about 3mm.

2. The effect of transparent LED screen glass screen

No matter what color the glass is, the light emitted by the light guide is not affected by the reflection of the glass. Therefore, the color of the glass can be transparent or dark.

Due to the small diameter of the ultra-white optical lens, when the light is not bright, it cannot be seen on the glass curtain wall with the naked eye, and the appearance of the entire building will not be affected, and the display effect can be achieved without light during the day and visible at night.

No matter what shape the glass plate is, as long as the circuit board can be close to the back shadow, it will enable the display to fill the glass curtain wall of any position and any shape, and provide all-round lighting decoration to the building to achieve colorful lighting effects.

As long as there is a glass plate, there must be a support, no matter how far from the main body of the building, the structure is complex, and the drive system can find a foothold!

The value of transparent screen technology combined with architectural design will be more and more valued by architects. The application technology can change the monotonous lighting effect of the building, make it colorful, and the commercial value will be developed to the maximum extent, and it can be used effectively!

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