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What is the Difference Between Transparent LED Display and LED Glass Screen?

What is the Difference Between Transparent LED Display and LED Glass Screen?

Publish Time : Jan 19 2022

Friends who don't know much about the LED industry can easily misunderstand the transparent LED display and the LED glass screen, thinking that they are the same product. In fact, they are two different product concepts. Today, I will take you to learn more about the difference between transparent LED display and LED glass screen.

1. Transparent LED display and LED glass screen

(1) Transparent LED display

As the name implies, the LED display has the same light-transmitting properties as glass. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the polished rod screen, the targeted improvement of the patch manufacturing technology, the lamp bead packaging and control system, and the hollow design structure, which reduces the obstruction of the structural components to the line of sight, greatly improves the perspective effect, and integrates with the environment.

The outdoor screen is equipped with a regular LED display, but the LED display is composed of modules. Installing an LED display is like having a thick wall that blocks views and light.

Due to the shortcomings of traditional screens, LED experts added a hollow design on the basis of traditional screens to increase transparency. If the gap of the grid screen can be further developed, it will evolve into an LED strip screen, also called grid screen, sky screen, wall screen, curtain screen. This is an LED screen that is often used outdoors.

The LED strip screen is a LED light strip attached to an acrylic board, which needs to be attached to the glass, so that the heat dissipation of the LED lamp is blocked. The new transparent LED display adopts the GOB manufacturing technology, which overcomes the defects of the LED strip screen, so that the transparent LED display realizes the real characteristics of moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and UV-proof, making the transparent LED display suitable for any harsh outdoor environment.

(2) What is LED glass screen?

The LED glass screen is a high-end customized optoelectronic glass that uses transparent conductive technology to glue the LED structure layer between two layers of glass. According to application requirements, LEDs can be designed into various arrangements such as stars, matrices, characters, and patterns. The LED glass display is a bright screen.

2. The difference between transparent LED display and LED glass screen

(1) Different structure

The transparent LED display adopts SMD chip packaging technology, and the light is pasted in the groove of the PCB, which can be made into a standard box, and customized design and installation can be carried out according to project requirements.

The LED glass screen is a bright screen that uses transparent conductive technology to fix the LED structure layer between two layers of glass. It can only draw different shapes (stars, patterns, body shapes, etc.). Depending on the project, any video and pictures cannot be played at will like the transparent LED display.

(2) Install the application

The transparent LED display can be installed and applied anywhere with strong compatibility. The installation methods can be hoisting, fixed installation, and base installation. At present, in the entire industry, only LEDFUL can make the transparent LED display waterproof and enable it to be used outdoors.

The installation of the LED glass screen needs to reserve the screen installation position when designing the building, and then install the architectural glass on the glass frame. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. The installation of LED glass screen is the installation of architectural glass during the construction of glass curtain wall, which is inconvenient for maintenance.

(3) Product weight

Transparent LED display products are light, thin and transparent, with a PCB thickness of only 1 to 4mm and a screen weight of 8.6kg/㎡. The LED glass screen products are equipped with luminous glass, and the weight of the glass itself is 28kg/㎡.

(4) Maintenance

The transparent LED display is convenient and quick to maintain, saving manpower, material and financial resources. There is almost no way to maintain the LED glass screen. It needs to demolish the structure of the existing building and replace the entire glass screen, which is expensive to maintain.

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