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Advantages of LED Transparent Display Screens in LED Showcase Displays?

Advantages of LED Transparent Display Screens in LED Showcase Displays?

Publish Time : Mar 01 2023

With the rapid expansion of the vertical touch all-in-one machine manufacturing industry with retail implications, LED transparent display are causing a disruptive transformation for retailers and are becoming increasingly popular in industries such as exterior facades and laminated glass showcase design.

What LED transparent displays are used for?

Many people may not understand what LED transparent displays are used for, or they may immediately think that they are made of glass. Simply put, LED transparent displays are also known as LED showcase screens, and LED transparent screens are like LED glass with light source characteristics.

The basic principle behind its development is the technical innovation of lamp strip screens and the targeted improvement of surface-mounted production and processing technology, LED lamp bead encapsulation, and automatic control systems. In addition, the perforated carving design reduces obstruction to the field of view and maximizes the perspective effect.

LED showcase screens combine transparency, beauty, lightness, and concealment, making them a new type of transparent LED displays product with functions such as decorative design, lighting engineering, display, and advertising promotion, widely used in LED glass building facades as one of the key display products for outdoor advertising boards. The high brightness of the advertising LED display panel highlights the displayed content effectively, whether it is text, graphics, or multimedia content, which is eye-catching and helps to attract consumer attention. Given these benefits, it's no surprise that LED showcase screens are the preferred choice for many industries when it comes to transparent LED displays as they can cater to diverse application requirements with a range of customization options.

Transparent LED display

LED transparent showcase screens are gradually becoming the mainstay of urban construction in curtain wall glass engineering, and LED display screens are also one of the key figures in contemporary urban construction, widely used in urban lighting projects. LED showcase screens are a series of products of LED transparent display that have emerged in response to the changing times and are widely used in large cities for housing, large-scale shopping mall decoration design, and store decoration, gaining more and more attention and favor from customers.

The excellent transparency of LED transparent showcase screens makes them an excellent choice. Whether used for indoor or outdoor applications with excellent light transmission, their color reproduction can be guaranteed to consider daytime viewing, and the clarity interval can be customized according to customer requirements, making the transparent glass LED screen suitable for many use cases. The characteristics of LED transparent showcase screens depend on their lightness, thinness, and transparency, which are better than other types of LED display products.

Currently, the transparency of showcase screens in the sales market ranges from 30% to 70%. Whether viewed from the front or back, the light transmission is the same, especially for LED double-sided display showcase screens, where both the front and back sides can see the actual display effects. This maximizes the economic benefits of large-scale urban lighting projects and advertising promotions in limited indoor spaces.

Transparent LED displays give people a feeling of purity and flawlessness. LED transparent showcase screens have the practicality of display screens, as well as a certain degree of beauty and privacy.

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