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Main Installation Requirements for Outdoor Transparent LED Screens

Main Installation Requirements for Outdoor Transparent LED Screens

Publish Time : Jun 01 2023

When it comes to outdoor LED advertising screens, we are all familiar with them. They are the main product of media advertising nowadays. Transparent LED displays are mainly used in government departments, leisure and entertainment, large and medium-sized game centers, economic and trade management centers, advertising information release signs, commercial pedestrian streets, bus stations, airports and other venues. They mainly transmit relevant information in the form of video broadcasts, and are an important source of current outdoor media advertising.

Outdoor transparent LED glass screens, although they are used outdoors, they are only for outdoor viewing. When installed indoors, they have high transmittance, do not affect indoor lighting, and have lightweight and easy installation housing.

Panel-inset installation of transparent LED screen

Applicable to indoor screens with a small total area. Since the installation space is very small, in order to avoid occupying space, dig the same size area on the wall according to the size of the panel area, and then embed the LED panel into the wall. The wall must be a solid wall.

Load-bearing requirements for transparent LED displays

Compared with outdoor full-color screens, transparent LED display has great advantages in weight. The weight of a single square is about 12KG, but if the area of the screen is large, its weight is still very large, and the load-bearing capacity of the installation position must be structurally strong.

Requirements for the firmness and stability of transparent LED displays

The connection between the installation surface of the transparent electronic screen and the installation bracket and the connection between the installation bracket and the device should be firm, stable, and reliable to ensure that the installed equipment does not slip, tilt, or fall.

Rust prevention measures for transparent LED displays

The metal components must be welded or connected firmly and must be treated for rust prevention. The materials used must have sufficient anti-corrosion ability.

Service life of structural materials for transparent LED displays

The service life of structural materials should not be lower than the safe service life of transparent LED glass screen, and after installation, it needs to be checked and maintained according to the usage situation.

Transparent LED glass screens, with their transparent and beautiful features, have become one of the most eye-catching display products in recent years. Its transparency of 70%-95% greatly reduces the impact of transparent LED displays on the appearance of buildings. Coupled with the characteristics of semi-outdoor display installed close to the glass curtain wall, it avoids the approval of outdoor advertising well and is even welcomed by the government and businesses in the United States, where advertising monitoring is very strict.

These outstanding advantages make the transparent LED glass screen instantly surpass the bar screen and become the preferred product for LED display projects in glass buildings. LED screen manufacturers have never stopped the product research and development of this type of item. The design concept of the commodity shell is more light and can reasonably relieve the construction load. At the same time, the transparency of LED light bar screens can be determined according to the point intervals, with a maximum of more than 90%.

Currently, transparent LED displays used for retail window displays are not only light, thin, and very easy to install, but also exceed at least 5mm of clarity interval and up to 80% transparency. Its use overcomes the trouble of ordinary paper posters needing to be posted and replaced, and also the shortcomings of ordinary LED screens and LCD screens with large volume, opacity, and ugliness. Compared with using in the curtain wall of buildings, the use of LED transparent display screens in shop windows may have a greater demand in the market.

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