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Development Trends and Prospects of the LED Display Manufacturing Industry

Development Trends and Prospects of the LED Display Manufacturing Industry

Publish Time : Mar 09 2023

With the expansion of market demand in the LED display manufacturing industry and the continuous broadening of its main applications, LED display products have also demonstrated a diverse development trend. As a rising star in the LED display manufacturing industry, transparent LED displays have caught people's attention, especially in recent years as the number of companies engaging in LED transparent screen product development has steadily increased. From the improvement in product structure to the expansion of its main applications, the development trend of LED transparent screens is rapidly intensifying.

According to statistical organization predictions and analysis, by 2025, the annual production value of the full transparent display market will reach about $87.2 billion. With the widespread demand in commercial and service display markets and the rapid innovative development of LED transparent screens, the potential for LED transparent screens is unquestionably huge.

Transparent LED displays that are used in retail store window displays:

Currently, various types of LED display products suitable for curtain walls, glass walls and retail storefront displays are readily available on the LED screen display market, such as transparent displays, light bar screens, artistic and creative transparent displays, etc.

In addition, many screen enterprises have also creatively developed and designed full transparent storefront display screens and transparent display LCD advertising machines for indoor use. It is not difficult to see that full transparent LEDs are not only warmly welcomed in the outdoor billboard industry but also show promising potential in the commercial display industry.

The LED transparent screens currently used for retail storefront displays are not only light, thin, and very easy to install, but can also achieve a clear interval of at least 5mm and a transparency of around 80%. The advertising led display panel not only eliminates the inconvenience of general paper poster propaganda that must be pasted and replaced, but also prevents the drawbacks of general LED and LCD display screens being too heavy, opaque, and unattractive to a certain extent.

From a technical perspective to the market, transparent LED displays still face difficulties:

The smaller the dot pitch of the LED display screen, the higher the picture quality and the stronger the actual display effect. The reason why LED transparent screens are popular in the market is the excellent permeability. Consequently, many LED full transparent manufacturing companies are gradually improving their products and enhancing the transparency of LED transparent displays. When choosing picture quality and transparency, companies must make a selection, or a combination of both to improve them.

Due to their characteristic of artistic and creative display, the key factor that restricts the development trend of transparent display screens is their customization. As the product cycle of the transparent glass LED screen is relatively long, and mass production is challenging, the total number of transparent display screens on the market is relatively low, yet the market demand is high.

Many different market demands suggest that customized LED displays are becoming increasingly apparent, especially in the case of LED transparent screens. Technically, they must have higher standards and more stable products in order to be applied to every new display project efficiently.

However, at present, there are few well-known companies in the transparent LED display market who can maintain their customization, and this makes it difficult for LED transparent screen companies to develop products that are smooth, transparent and have certain characteristics to meet the requirements of the market. How to surpass the technical popularization and mass production in order to promote the gradual improvement of products is a major obstacle.

In addition, because the application of LED transparent displays has not yet become widespread, the high price tag is daunting, which makes it difficult to develop and design further main applications. As a result, product cost, after-sales service, and marketing promotion are all current problems that must be solved. With the basic construction of new intelligent cities, the future market potential of LED transparent screens is anticipated to be even more substantial.

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