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Unstoppable Development of Shenzhen

Unstoppable Development of Shenzhen's LED Transparent Display Screen

Publish Time : Mar 31 2023

In the face of the market that has entered a new era of development, and the manufacturing environment that has undergone new changes, it is very important for the Chinese LED display industry in the midst of transformation and development to find new development dividends and find their own development. In recent years, with the expansion of the market demand in the LED display industry and the continuous expansion of application areas, LED display products have also shown a diversified development trend. As a newcomer in the LED display industry, the LED transparent screen has come into our sight in an eye-catching posture, especially since this year, more and more companies have joined the research and development of LED transparent screens. From the optimization of product structure to the expansion of product application fields, the development of LED transparent screens is unstoppable.

LED transparent screens have begun to show their edge in LED displays. In line with the rapid development of the LED display sub-market, LED transparent screens have also received widespread attention in the market. Whether it is in glass curtain walls, shop windows, or stage application areas, they have achieved significant development. Especially in the digital dance beauty aspect, unlike traditional displays, the seamless switch between the "visible" and "invisible" of LED transparent screens makes it a darling of stage displays. However, it seems that LED transparent screens are still mostly used in conjunction with traditional box displays in digital dance beauty applications as a "highlight". So, can the LED transparent screen completely break away from traditional displays and dominate the digital dance beauty market?

Digital dance beauty has always paid attention to the interpretation of beauty. Under the circumstance that traditional LED displays are difficult to obtain updated breakthroughs, LED transparent screens have brought a new trend to the stage. It can display the corresponding content when it is needed, and it can be "invisible" when it is not needed. With the constantly changing stage settings, transparent LED display screens have become the perfect display device at an affordable LED stage screen price.This year, the application of transparent LED display screens in digital stage art is even more dazzling. Use the LED display transparent screen to create a dreamy, cool and changeable style, with the characteristics of strong light transmission, so that the light and the picture can be integrated into one, creating a casual and dynamic atmosphere; Zhejiang Satellite TV's mid-year ceremony, the LED display transparent screen Combined with the mechanical rocker arm, the dynamic layout of 68 screens is patchwork, making the stage changes more vivid and beautiful, and enhancing the interactive atmosphere with the audience;

The design of digital stage art needs to take into account the picture and lighting, while the shading of traditional display screens restricts the variability of digital stage art design to a certain extent, so the layout of traditional display screens on the stage is relatively limited. In contrast, the transparent screen of the display screen, because of its high transparency, has less impact on the light, and some digital stage designers even set the light behind the screen, which also broadens the possibility of digital stage design. In the past two years, the transparent screen of LED display has begun to shine in the field of outdoor, commercial display and stage. With its novelty, high transparency, strong sense of technology, and better fit with the environment, the transparent screen of LED display has quickly been favored by the high-end commercial display market, as well as fashion and technology places, and has opened up an exclusive path. In the fierce competition Occupying a unique position in the market, the price of LED display will also rise accordingly.

Although the current LED display transparent screen does not achieve 100% transparency, the translucent characteristics can still give people a nearly transparent visual experience. impact on the appearance of the building. As a result, in recent years, more and more businesses have chosen LED display transparent screens to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping malls, technology-based enterprises and other places. In terms of commercial display, fashion brands and high-end products also like to use transparent LED display screens to set off the style of brands and products. The use of a transparent background in promotional content can significantly increase the sense of technology while simultaneously highlighting the product being promoted. This approach is particularly favored by high-end brands in the automotive, fashion, and jewelry industries who opt for transparent screens when utilizing advertising LED display panels. The transparency of the screen background creates a more visually appealing and engaging platform for showcasing the brand's product line, and the sleek design perfectly complements the product's features. By combining cutting-edge technology and transparent displays, the advertising LED display panel provides an innovative and sophisticated advertising option for brands looking to promote their products effectively.

Different from the bulky and regular appearance of the previous display screens, the thin and beautiful characteristics of the transparent screen of the LED display screen will continue to help it open up a broader market. As early as 2012, some American institutions predicted that by 2025, the market output value of transparent display would be about 87.2 billion US dollars. With the increasing display demand in various fields such as commercial displays, stage displays, and outdoor digital advertisements, the market volume of transparent LED display screens will also become larger and larger.

Although the transparent screen of the LED display screen is beautiful and does not block light, it is still mostly used in conjunction with the traditional stage screen at present, and it is rare to truly "stand alone". Just as it is difficult for traditional display screens to get rid of the limitations of shape, the transparent screen of LED display screens also has shortcomings-the display screen is not as clear and delicate as traditional large screens, and the colors are full. Such defects make it difficult for the transparent screen of the display to completely replace the traditional display and create an immersive digital dance scene. The transparent screen of the LED display not only sacrifices the density to obtain higher transparency, but its clarity will inevitably be damaged, and the picture display effect cannot be compared with the traditional large screen, and it is particularly difficult to create a real picture. Moreover, the translucent feature also makes the transparent screen of the display screen easily affected by light. When the light is too bright, the transparent effect of the transparent screen of the display screen will also be weakened.

Of course, it can be seen from the application examples of Shenzhen LED display transparent screens on the stage that it is not impossible for display transparent screens to play the "protagonist" on the stage. Based on its uniqueness, it has an advantage in creating surreal, dreamy, and unreal experiences, but it is at a disadvantage in playing scenes that tend to be real and applications that require high graphics. It can be seen that LED display screens at this stage Transparent screens also have considerable limitations in the application of digital stage art. But any technical product needs to go through the process of continuous upgrading and transformation, and the same is true for the transparent screen of the LED display. Even if it is not perfect at present, it does not prevent us from looking forward to the birth of new and better products.

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