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Advertising Media DOOH Glass Wall Billboard Architecture

Future of Advertising
DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is the tendency and future of Advertising and Media business. Because location benefits, content creativity, omnichannel advertising, offline personalization, higher audience engagement, better ROI (Return On Investment), all benefits with DOOH will make your advertising products advantages attractive. LEDFUL’s LED Display with OF series, FS series, TGC series, ST series are the proper solution for the media market.

LEDFUL have latest technology with integrated solution for Advertising Media DOOH such as LED billboard for advertising, transparent LED glass wall, LED display on architecture, light pole LED sign, media facade, LED poster, etc. We concentrate on professional design and user-friendly products. Our clients’ LED screens are the chosen one from huge brand like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Apple, Visa, Emirates-Airline, Mercedes-Benz, etc. Because we supplied the advertising companies with best performance LED display.

1. High brightness make best performance during sunlight
2. Energy saving, auto adjustment of brightness with sensor
3. All weather resistance even super high and low temperature
4. Cloud, 4G, WiFi, USB, APP make LED display operation in your way
5. Front / back service depends on location site
6. Rectangle LED, curved LED, cylinder, sphere, any shaped available

LED display locations with street, building LED wall, pole / pillar LED billboard, glass LED wall, transportation, shopping mall, hospitality, corporate, government, higher education, hospitality museums, oil and gas, health care.

Connection Diagram of Advertising LED Display

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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