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LEDFUL Naked Eye 3D -- DOOH New Style

Naked-eye 3D display has a lifelike three-dimensional picture effect, which can create a shocking visual impact, and bring people a novel media visual experience. The application of LEDFUL naked-eye 3D LED displays in major exhibitions is becoming more and more frequent, especially with the combination of AR, VR, holographic projection and other technologies, which can not only realize two-way interaction with users, but also be more vivid and direct. Moreover, the 3D LED display can directly show the spiritual outlook and cultural heritage of the enterprise or the country, which has become the eye-catching artifact of the major exhibition halls.

The naked-eye 3D display uses a more advanced visual communication method to convey advertising information. Its natural topicality is conducive to igniting communication leads, forming a strong social media communication advantage, and opening up a new track for the outdoor large LED screen. All of these have created broad market prospects for 3D displays. 3D technology breaks the limitations of time and space, creates an immersive new experience, integrates elements of experience, story, gameplay, artistic sense, night travel and other elements into the virtual environment, the viewers are all obsessed with it.

With the development of digital technology, the value of scenario marketing represented by outdoor media will become more and more prominent. Taking naked-eye 3D as the first, outdoor LED display will undergo fundamental changes. With the development of science and technology, the level of urban intelligence has increased, the demand for urban landscaping has increased, so the incremental outdoor display market has expanded; at the same time, the development of the entertainment industry, people's demand for spiritual and cultural content has increased, creative media has developed rapidly, so the LEDFUL outdoor large screens have become an important carrier tool. These favorable factors have promoted the expansion of the overall scale of outdoor display and lightened its development prospects.

Analysis of the working principle of naked-eye 3D screen

The Times is progressing and LEDFUL is advancing.
LEDFUL is a LED Display Manufacture with 12 years experience, specialized in Outdoor & Indoor Display, transparent display and floor display. For the new rising Naked-eye 3D display technology, LEDFUL provide our client with one stop solution. Here is the principle analysis, which can help you better understand the Naked-eye 3D LED Display.
Over the past few years, naked-eye 3D LED Displays have become more and more popular. Hundreds of cities across the country have successively created naked-eye 3D giant LED screens with local culture. At the same time, the naked eye 3D LED screen has attracted the attention of many led screen companies, and has also been cheered by the audience. Although the naked-eye 3D LED screen looks like a breakthrough compared with traditional display, it is quite "ordinary".

To make it simple, the LED Display naked-eye 3D technology is not a cutting-edge display technology, but this technology allows people to see vivid three-dimensional images without wearing 3D glasses. The naked-eye 3D working principle is to use the left and right eyes of a person to receive images from different positions, and then the brain superimposes and merges the information of the two images to form a picture with not only up-down, left-right, but also front-back, far -near three-dimensional images.

The common types of naked-eye 3D LED display technology are divided into shutter type and polarized type. Shutter type means that by dividing the image into two pictures by frame, two sets of pictures corresponding to the left eye and right eye are formed, which are displayed in a continuous interlaced manner. At the same time, the infrared signal transmitter will synchronously control the left and right lens switches of the shutter-type 3D glasses, so that the left and right eyes can see the corresponding picture at a certain moment.
Polarized type uses the principle of "vibration direction" of light to decompose the original image. First, the image is divided into two groups of vertically polarized light and horizontally polarized light, and then the 3D glasses use polarized lenses with different polarization directions on the left and right sides. In this way, a person's left and right eyes can receive two sets of images, and then synthesize a three-dimensional image through the brain. In comparison between the two, there are more applications for shutter-type glasses-free 3D LED screens.

The current naked-eye 3D technology does not give us a true naked-eye 3D LED display, but give a big LED screen that has a strong stereo effect when watching a specific video customized for the big screen at a specific angle, otherwise the image will be distorted. For example, when the viewer watch a straight line in a plane from any angle, the straight line is a straight line, but when the straight line is placed on a special-shaped screen, the straight line will become a diagonal line when viewed only at the same height as the eyes.

The naked eye 3D LED screens that have become popular in recent years are all composed of two images from different angles. The screen is folded by 90°, and the video material that conforms to the principle of perspective is used. The left screen shows the left view of the image, and the right shows the image. In the front view, when people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, presenting a realistic three-dimensional effect.

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