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How Does the LED Transparent Screen Resist Natural Factors?

How Does the LED Transparent Screen Resist Natural Factors?

Publish Time : May 09 2022

Hot and humid weather is not a good thing for outdoor transparent LED displays, and it must be a great exercise for the quality of LED transparent displays. Our transparent LED display must not only use the function of heat dissipation, but also must use the function of waterproof.

1. What is the harm to the transparent LED display in the humid natural environment?

Because the internal devices of the LED transparent display screen belong to sensitive devices, once there is moisture in the body entering the components, it is likely to cause air oxidation and corrosion of the LED lamp beads, PCB boards, switching power supplies, power plugs and other components, resulting in all transparent display screens. Bottle dead light is a common fault. The module, internal structure and external main box of the early LED transparent display screen body must ensure a strict waterproof and moisture-proof design scheme.

2. Harm to LED transparent display under high temperature conditions

The internal components of the LED transparent display are also the most hot electronic components, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, power transformers, etc.

In very hot weather, poor application of heat dissipation method will cause air oxidation of the raw materials of LED transparent display, which will endanger the quality and service life. More seriously, if the temperature is too high and the heat cannot be dissipated, it will cause damage to the internal components of the transparent display, causing common failures of the transparent led display.

In hot or humid weather, do heat dissipation and waterproof. How do you take heat dissipation or waterproof measures in hot weather or humid weather? In fact, LED transparent display can be handled according to superb hardware configuration and careful overall design.

It has to be admitted that reducing power consumption and heat loss is an important way to improve the ability of heat dissipation. In the main box material, high-quality aluminum profiles are selected in consideration of heat dissipation and anti-oxidation. The main box adopts a double-layer indoor space structure to generate a heat dissipation structure with overall translucent heat convection, which can flexibly use gas to carry out heat convection heat dissipation. In the same way, the module production process is improved, the shell structure is effectively improved, and the airtight moisture-proof design scheme can have a very good waterproof effect.

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